Translation of unremarked in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌənrəˈmɑrkt//ʌnrɪˈmɑːkt/


  • 1

    to go unremarked pasar desapercibido / inadvertido
    • The fact that Jordan was perhaps the first African-American sports figure to be able to achieve such a high-demand status within the corporate world goes unremarked by Pierce as well.
    • It cannot go unremarked upon that today is the first day of the new footie season.
    • Society actually has structured the legal system in a way that provides adolescents with enhanced protections but those protections often go unnoticed, unremarked, and unused.
    • But there is another kind of power which the dictionary almost entirely neglects, for it is largely invisible, unremarked, unnoticed - yet it is everywhere.
    • I have seen some quite draconian pieces of legislation pass through this House unremarked upon by most parties, but a piece of legislation like this seems to occupy a lot of members' time, attention, and concern.
    • Taking the skirt off was even more difficult than putting it on, which didn't go unremarked upon by the two men standing by the side of the canal.
    • An entire history has gone not only unhonored but almost unremarked upon, because it's not all that spectacular.
    • The modern taste for celebrity politics is now such that these things pass almost unremarked.
    • This phenomenon has gone largely unremarked upon by US military and civilian officials.
    • The quadricentenary of the birth of the poet and dramatist Edmund Crowsely seems to be passing quite unremarked, even in his native Whitby.
    • And even here typing went on here and there, unremarked upon, normal.
    • I mean, these are just not the sort of comments that are going to go unremarked upon in the media.
    • The biggest change in blogging is going unremarked so I'm remarking.
    • There is no use in trying for greatness, as even the attainment of greatness would go unnoticed and unremarked upon.
    • It certainly hasn't gone unremarked or unnoticed by many on the Left (including readers and writers here) for almost thirty years.
    • One aspect of the whole mess that has gone relatively unremarked upon is the complete breakdown in the system of communications between local, state, and Federal officials and first responders on the ground.
    • What is so alarming about the commissioner's report is the revelation that so many relatively minor inroads on civil liberties have gone unremarked and unnoticed.
    • It is unexplained and unremarked upon in the major papers.
    • It was largely unremarked upon until the 90's when some sociologists decided to follow up.
    • This has been true for some time, and unremarked upon.