Translation of unripe in Spanish:


verde, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈrʌɪp//ˌənˈraɪp/


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    (apple/avocado/peach) verde
    (avocado/apple/peach) que no está maduro
    (cheese) que no está hecho
    (cheese) que no está en su punto
    • The blood sugar-lowering action of the fresh juice or unripe fruit has been established in animal experimental models as well as human clinical trials.
    • Families in the nearby village were eating ‘green’ or unripe maize.
    • Half cooked rice and meat, unripe fruit, stale food, untreated and contaminated water are the sources of indigestion.
    • Placing unripe tomatoes in with ripe tomatoes, apples or bananas also speeds ripening because ripe fruit gives off a greater amount of ethylene gas than unripe fruit.
    • The red, ripe fruit originated from pollination with pollen of H. undatus clones, while the green, unripe fruit was from pollination with S. grandiflorus pollen.
    • For the best results pick the fruits when they are unripe and leave them to mature on a warm window sill.
    • The label moves from red, which means the fruit is unripe, to an orangey-red (half-ripe) to yellow (fully ripe).
    • We are unable to distinguish ripe or unripe fruit, follow colour-coded instructions or colour coordinate our clothes.
    • Their diet consists of nectar, pollen, flowers, fruits and unripe grains.
    • As the fruit ripens, on or off the tree, its skin becomes less rough and hard, and reveals a yellow colour when scratched, instead of the green which unripe fruit would show.
    • The unripe fruit is sometimes hazardously ingested to achieve abortion.
    • When choosing your papaya, make sure it is an unripe green fruit with just a touch of yellow in the skin.
    • Having said that, the mango is well known for its medicinal properties, both in unripe and ripe states.
    • Rolling around your mouth many of the wines had a harsh, green, unripe flavour.
    • The team also ruled out other sensory clues, like smell, by focusing only on the trees with unripe but insect-rich fruit.
    • Avoid eating out, spicy food, unripe fruits and dairy products for few days.
    • Juice from the ripe fruit is used to make beer, unripe fruit is dried and made into animal feed, and the peels are used to make an antiseptic poultice for wounds.
    • These thicker-skinned grapes revealed unripe fruit aromas and flavours, green tannins and mean acidity.
    • Chile peppers have high concentrations of the extremely pungent chemicals, capsaicinoids, in both ripe and unripe fruits.
    • Mango (mak muang) is a favorite fruit, both ripe and unripe, and is combined with meat such as pork for a Shan curry.