Translation of unscathed in Spanish:


ileso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈskeɪðd//ʌnˈskeɪðd/


  • 1

    (of reputation etc) indemne
    she emerged unscathed from the wreck/affair salió ilesa del accidente/indemne del asunto
    • the village survived the bombing unscathed el pueblo no sufrió daños en el bombardeo
    • Amid all the cuts, the Park and Ride services are to continue unscathed, with the concession of a few extra stops.
    • Twice he parachuted into France to deliver gold to the resistance and made his way back unscathed.
    • The Cougar team came through the game relatively unscathed, but three players picked up slight injuries.
    • Are we to believe that Park's reputation will remain unscathed from this affair?
    • All in all it's probably a good thing that my mum got away unscathed.
    • Ashcroft's injury apart, the team came through unscathed from the two Bank Holiday matches.
    • When a fishing vessel is lost and all the crew make it home unscathed to find their families waiting for them it's a good result.
    • After what seems like a lifetime, you emerge unscathed at the far end.
    • Almost nothing survived unscathed, but 12 plants did survive and some even grew.
    • Most emerge unscathed but some young people become alienated from their families and end up with nowhere to turn.
    • If you pay just a little bit of attention, you can get through life mostly unscathed.
    • Occupants of the smashed car escaped with slight injuries and those in the house were unscathed.
    • He came virtually unscathed out of the two scams thanks largely to shabby investigation.
    • The pair emerged unscathed, but a female friend suffered serious injuries.
    • Perhaps it was that competitive spirit which saw him emerge unscathed from so many tumbles during his racing career.
    • The woman, who didn't have a smoke alarm fitted, escaped unscathed after being woken up by the barking of her dogs.
    • In no other city but Athens could we have come out of the adventure unscathed.
    • His office was evacuated and he escaped unscathed before the south tower was hit and collapsed.
    • How I managed to get through that period relatively unscathed I have no idea.
    • Unfortunately for Mark, although he came through the war unscathed, he has suffered since.