Translation of unscheduled in Spanish:


no programado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈʃɛdjuːld//ˌənˈskɛˌdʒuld/


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    no programado
    no previsto
    • A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said none of the passengers on the bus was hurt, but many were unsettled at the sudden unscheduled detour.
    • Voting in constituencies where results were annulled was to take place at an as yet unscheduled time.
    • Scheduled and unscheduled cultural performances continued day and night on the ten stages set up throughout the centre.
    • Hamilton's truck is running well after the first pit stop, but we cut a tire and have to make an unscheduled pit stop.
    • Then, go back and mark all of the bike shops and hospitals along the route, just in case you have to make an unscheduled stop.
    • We remember with fondness our unscheduled rest stop in Slidell, Louisiana.
    • Buses stopping at unscheduled spots added to the confusion.
    • Early in the race, a plastic bag caught on Benson's front grille, prompting an unscheduled pit stop.
    • The CIA was never able to use this system to set up an unscheduled meeting with him.
    • There have been no unscheduled absences, no real outbursts.
    • One can read into that that it was the chairman, rather than the director of football, who precipitated the manager's unscheduled departure.
    • He also made an unscheduled visit to see the constable's colleagues yesterday, before completing his official duties.
    • The restaurant also coped with an unscheduled shutdown last Thursday.
    • Let's spice things up with an unscheduled extra competition.
    • With time not an issue, Robic stopped for an unscheduled rest in Athens after consulting with his crew.
    • On the trip from London he took an eight-mile unscheduled detour.
    • Birdwatchers have been flocking to the shores of the Firth of Forth after thousands of South American seabirds made an unscheduled stop.
    • Apparently, participating in unscheduled photo calls with unknowns isn't her idea of how people should behave in showbiz.
    • Andreas Gursky We've just watched an unscheduled programme on German photographer Andreas Gursky, and it was a joy and a delight.
    • Last week Times editor Peter Stothard announced he is taking an unscheduled sabbatical.