Translation of unschooled in Spanish:


no instruido, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈskuːld//ˌənˈskuld/


  • 1

    (untrained, unversed)
    (person) no instruido
    (taste/ear) no cultivado
    to be unschooled in sth ser lego en algo
    • She made a pretty snide remark about Maruka being unschooled in protocol.
    • The possibilities for such technology, even to the layman unschooled in science, seem limitless.
    • Although unschooled in theory, he was a competent tactician and strategist.
    • The truths he affirms are encoded in his own poetry, rather than mysteriously embodied in Scripture, and he addresses a cultured but non-Latinate audience unschooled in philosophy.
    • He was as unschooled in covert action as his Embassy counterparts, but was more innovative and seemingly inexhaustible.
    • That demographic focuses on adults who are unschooled in the ways of HTML coding and yet are Web-savvy enough to want to build their own homepages.
    • Meaning, of course, that he wasn't anything like the Real Thing, but when I was young and unschooled in the ways of the world, he seemed near enough to me, damn it.
    • This presented a problem, as I'm unschooled in the ways of the baby, and I certainly don't know which bars, if any, are baby-friendly.
    • It is all about imperial arrogance unschooled in worldliness, unfettered either by competence or experience.
    • ‘Wendy Alexander at full throttle was a formidable sight’, he says, ‘but she was an outsider, unschooled in the world of local Scottish politics.’
    • Even if your workforce is talented and conscientious, it matters little if an outsourced cleanup crew unschooled in the masonry craft undoes quality work by creating acid burns and blown joints.
    • It's as if we are back in that newspaper office of 10 years ago, when Riddoch, unschooled in the resistant bureaucracy of getting out a daily paper, tried to change hidebound attitudes too quickly for comfort.
    • Compared to their predecessors, these furniture makers were often unschooled in the art of cabinetmaking.
    • The unschooled Callahan trained a generation of photography teachers and - for lack of a better term - academic artists.
    • Many young recruits, committed but unschooled in any sort of visual language, often resorted to producing hand-lettered placards in workshops subject to state harassment and sabotage.
    • Unlike in Central Europe, scholars unschooled in legal theory have dominated the Schmitt revival in North America.
    • They have understood that privatisation means higher prices for essential utilities, that however hard they work their children remain unschooled and that they live and die in poverty.
    • If civil engineers were as unschooled in secure design practice as the average software developer, failing bridges would be causing a severe loss of life.
    • However, there are cultural nuances in nonverbal communication, and the person unschooled in those nuances often misinterprets what he sees.
    • Famously unschooled in European cinema, he has developed his own vernacular language of movie-making.
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    • Of equal, if not greater, importance to his identification as American was the very different image summoned by West's youth in Pennsylvania: the artist as unschooled, natural talent.
    • In the amateur theatre companies professional directors work with people who possess unschooled talent and are dedicated to theatre.
    • ‘Every Breath is a Bomb’ opens with an ambient clutter that gives way to unschooled yelping over a sinister keyboard and errant drum hits.
    • Furthermore, unschooled pragmatism tends to set aside questions of due process, or of rights.
    • She allowed herself this small display of unschooled emotion.