Translation of unscrupulous in Spanish:


inescrupuloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈskrupjələs//ʌnˈskruːpjʊləs/


  • 1

    (person) inescrupuloso
    (person) sin escrúpulos
    (conduct) poco honesto
    (conduct) inescrupuloso
    • If this waste material had a simple, cheap dye put in it the indelible stain would prevent it ever being sold on by unscrupulous dealers.
    • As a result, many people lost money, some no doubt cheated by unscrupulous speculators.
    • It's not much of a gift, especially if some unscrupulous person was able to exploit it for their own wicked advantage.
    • He began copying because he was sick of paying money for inferior material to unscrupulous dealers and considered it his hobby.
    • Polley said the move would stop unscrupulous business owners from selling imported beef as Scots-produced.
    • There are lots of grey areas in this industry which many unscrupulous traders love to exploit.
    • I have taken great umbrage at the portrayal of scientists as unscrupulous and unethical.
    • The heyday of the unscrupulous mercenary type dawned when the colonial powers pulled out of Africa leaving chaos behind.
    • Religions come into disrepute when manipulated by unscrupulous politicians.
    • These unscrupulous rulers violated every principle of Islam to survive in power.
    • Mrs Strong said that unscrupulous landlords in the area were attracting unruly tenants.
    • The commission system is open to abuse by unscrupulous advisers who recommend unsuitable plans because they pay more.
    • Thus, some unscrupulous types are getting rich off kids' unfulfillable dreams.
    • As I stated above proper claims are welcomed as they stop unscrupulous people and employers from exploiting people.
    • The situation has not been helped by unscrupulous landlords renting out property to anybody no matter what their history.
    • People don't like some of the tactics adopted by some unscrupulous evangelists to get people to convert.
    • He is ruthless, ambitious, unscrupulous, a threat to the region and a tyrant to his people but that does not make him a terrorist.
    • The small transport boats sink, or unscrupulous captains force their passengers into the sea.
    • It is also true there are unscrupulous persons who would exploit the image and story of Mandela.
    • Very often these unscrupulous people will just dump the rubbish.