Translation of unshapely in Spanish:


sin formas, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈʃeɪpli/


  • 1

    (figure) sin formas
    (legs) poco torneado
    • Even when we were in middle school, where we were at the peak of our adolescence, complete with mini pink volcanoes distorting our facial features and unshapely figures, her skin was spotless, and she remained as skinny as ever.
    • We'd give away free make up to cover any facial blemishes caused by illness, baggy unshapely clothes for those days when you're feeling down and nasal spray that actually works and doesn't make your eyes water.
    • Instead of passion for writing, a weariness that weighed down each word and distorted the prose into something unshapely.
    • Elsewhere, Herbert describes demons as hybrids of unshapely human bodies and animal natures.
    • The camera cuts to the stubbed-out cigarettes in Laurel's food bowl, to the half-empty liquor glasses, to the half-drunk, unshapely men; we get Stephen's eye moving around the room.
    • Exposure of the unfixed cartilages to the atmosphere even for a couple of hours also made them crooked and unshapely.
    • To die in childhood or infancy is to be deprived of a natural life span; such a death makes one's life a stunted and unshapely affair.