Translation of unshockable in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈʃɒkəb(ə)l//ənˈʃɑkəbl/


  • 1

    que no se escandaliza por nada
    que no se asombra por nada
    • Even the unshockable viewers of BBC's Room 101 this summer were offended by Milligan's wish that he suffer ‘an early death’ or leprosy.
    • My time in Paris has made me unshockable, I'm afraid.
    • Now, he says, we are all so jaded that we are almost unshockable.
    • It's profoundly disturbing and darkly comic - and the irksome chum who claims to be unshockable will probably never speak to you again, thus negating the need for a Christmas gift in 2003.
    • Meanwhile, the public has become unshockable about sex and unconcerned about Presidential adultery.
    • When it comes to issues surrounding childbirth I tend to think of myself as well-nigh unshockable.
    • And it really did shock a society, which we've been told in the past is unshockable given three years of suicide bombings and other attacks.
    • Young, eager and unshockable, the maid arrives in the prim household, an unwelcome and disruptive presence for her condescending hosts.
    • Luckily too, I was fairly unshockable and tolerated various and sometimes strange kinds of human behaviour.
    • I said that actually it was interesting, because this situation tested the truth of my claim to be unshockable.
    • My next strategy has been to remain unshockable, to blunt whatever little swords my precious boy manages to pick up.
    • His staff were trained to draw people out, to use words they were comfortable with, to control their reactions to people's intimate revelations so that they were seen as non-judgemental and unshockable.
    • The networks, it seems, have found out that the kind of viewers they were chasing - young, unshockable and preferably intoxicated - didn't actually watch much television.
    • I thought I was pretty unshockable, but this incident has really got to me.
    • And the details have proved surprising, even for a country that prides itself on its mature, unshockable attitude to life between the sheets.
    • The Franz Kafka Big Band is sure to surprise even the most unshockable.
    • I spent my life in the Army and am probably unshockable, but these lewd gnomes are an unacceptable sight for the many women who have asked me if I could do something about having them removed.
    • She's lippy and gives the impression of being unshockable.
    • I thought they prided themselves on being unshockable.
    • We may consider ourselves worldly wise and unshockable these days, but then something comes along to make us think again.