Translation of unsightly in Spanish:


feo, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈsʌɪtli//ˌənˈsaɪtli/

adjectiveunsightlier, unsightliest

  • 1

    • He said rubbish on motorways is unsightly and poses a danger to both drivers and animals.
    • The most effective control is to check the plants regularly and remove unsightly and badly - affected foliage.
    • Also pay special attention to alleyways that can often be a wind trap or a store for unsightly rubbish.
    • This year they hired a part time by-law officer to aggressively enforce bylaws such as unsightly premises.
    • If you are worried that the warts are unsightly, see your GP about treatment options to help them to clear up more quickly.
    • At the present time the river bed, situated in the village is almost dried up and is an unsightly mass of dried algae and slime.
    • Travellers who were running a paving company from a disused pub car park turned it into an unsightly rubbish dump.
    • A rapidly expanding use of the technology is in the removal of unsightly warts and cysts.
    • Often they are opposed by the community because they are deemed either unsightly or a hazard because of radiation emissions.
    • If you have an ugly suite, chances are you've also inherited some unsightly tiles.
    • Work will commence shortly and will include the removal of the unsightly narrow grass margin on the city side.
    • However, wind farms are often unpopular because they are unsightly.
    • Photos of ugly babies and unsightly spouses have never met a kinder pair of eyes than yours.
    • At the back were unsightly old workshops and flat-roofed buildings.
    • They are also of the opinion that the mast is unsightly in a high amenity residential area, and that it is extremely high.
    • But too often mouths are firmly closed to hide yellowing enamel, unsightly fillings or missing teeth.
    • Not only is this unsightly, it is also a health hazard and has been seen as showing a lack of respect for the community in general.
    • It led to the removal of a number of trees, and the construction of unsightly water cylinders and pumping houses.
    • The biggest problems appear to be litter on the streets and dogs fouling the footpaths, both unsightly.
    • An unsightly building in the centre of Hockley which was once an iron foundry is set to be demolished and replaced with a new block of offices.