Translation of unsigned in Spanish:


sin firmar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈsaɪnd//ʌnˈsʌɪnd/


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    sin firmar
    the contract is still unsigned el contrato todavía no se ha firmado
    • Likewise, it is permissible for the nurse to obtain the patient's signature on a previously unsigned consent form and then to witness that consent.
    • This may come as a surprise, but the Professor has already written a cheque: an unsigned one for the generous sum of two cents.
    • On April 1, The Globe and Mail reported that an unsigned memo recommended the city request that the province exempt any new technology they selected from an individual environmental assessment.
    • New lacquer signatures have also been noted on originally unsigned pieces.
    • Because the report was unsigned, there was no way to determine its authorship.
    • For 239 admissions no approach for signature was made; 75 forms were returned unsigned and 164 forms were not returned.
    • Initial difficulties in identifying the unsigned painting were made worse by some bad restorative work, which blurred the distinctive Van Gogh style.
    • Mr Burnham is furious that an unsigned leaflet was posted to residents in the Pennington area last Thursday night - which he believes could jeopardise the proposed £75 million project.
    • The state intends proving that Shaik was the author of the unsigned letter that was sent to Saad because it looks like the draft copy found in his office.
    • When he writes under his own byline, McGurn's views on economics are just as conservative as, and even more quirky than, The Wall Street Journal's unsigned editorials.
    • She opened the legal document and inside was an offer to purchase from a company called Oceanside resorts, and an unsigned check for 20 million dollars.
    • It is unsigned and has no mark of identity but the initials A. B., and the date 16 -, the year after her marriage.
    • The unsigned letter in the Weekender exhorts Martin Cadden to get the facts regarding who was or was not responsible for the introduction of service charges.
    • However, he ruled an unsigned form was admissible as ‘evidence of a confession’ if it could properly be inferred the form ‘is completed by a defendant’.
    • As tensions festered among Republicans, Democratic aides passed out an unsigned one-page memorandum that they said had been distributed to Senate Republicans.
    • It was John Gross who in 1974, the first year of his tenure at the magazine, put paid to the unsigned columns and thus made the most visible of all changes in the paper's presentation.
    • Until 1974 most of the articles and all of the reviews in the TLS were unsigned, but when John Gross was appointed editor that year the issue of whether reviewers should be identified was resurrected.
    • Madison receives an unsigned note, but how she suggests she find the author surprises all
    • The letter was unsigned and the true author of the letter was not revealed publicly until Kepler did so 50 years later.
    • But enough transactions were made for more than US $3.5 m to be debited from current accounts, mostly through unsigned paper cheques.