Translation of unskimmed in Spanish:


entero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈskɪmd//ʌnˈskɪmd/


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    sin descremar
    sin desnatar Spain
    no descremada
    no desnatada Spain
    • Fresh milk was usually consumed either unskimmed, or added to tea.
    • It was unskimmed in 32%, half-skimmed in 64% and skimmed milk in 1% of the cases.
    • Be sure that the milk is unskimmed; have it as fresh as possible, and brought very early in the morning; Before using the pans into which it is to be poured, always scald them with boiling suds.
    • One month went by, two months, nine months, and the empress gave birth to a son, as white as unskimmed milk, and as fair-haired as moonlight.
    • The milk, unskimmed, should be heated in a double boiler just to the boiling point, but not long enough for a film to form on the top.
    • Only Landliebe products are made direct from unskimmed farm milk and so also have the natural fat content of milk.
    • All the best unskimmed milk was used, and the recipe was for a long-keeping, drier cheese that would last till winter or be suitable to take to market.
    • If anyone is having trouble coming to terms with the loss of their favourite level of fat content, we can recommend mixing half a litre of unskimmed milk with half a litre of the skimmed variety to obtain the desired fat content.