Translation of unsmoked in Spanish:


sin ahumar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈsmoʊkt//ʌnˈsməʊkt/


  • 1

    (meat/fish) sin ahumar
    (fish/meat) no ahumado
    • There are lots of choices like this to be made; salted or unsalted butter, smoked or unsmoked bacon, eggs three ways and so on.
    • I did go out yesterday to get unsmoked bacon and free-range eggs for breakfast because I would have got shouted at if I hadn't.
    • Slack and damp on the opposing side is a plastic pack of unsmoked back from supermarkets.
    • It's difficult to do justice to this sublime combination of smoked fish, tangy cheese and beautifully unsmoked bacon, but the result was stunning.
    • His Yorkshire dry cured oak-smoked back bacon and unsmoked back bacon both won top Gold star awards at the Freshfood 2003 event in Utrecht.
    • Venison makes fantastic burgers, but is exceptionally lean, so I'd add minced, unsmoked pancetta to it.
    • We cannot get over how lovely it is but the one thing we miss about home is the people of the Lancaster area not to mention unsmoked bacon, stuffing and gravy granules.
    • With it I am having some unsmoked lean back bacon, the consumption of which demonstrates I am a wimp.
    • His sausages and rindless, unsmoked back bacon have proved a sizzling success in Cuba, where British meat products are banned.
    • The principal ingredient is always minced meat, usually beef, cooked with chicken livers, unsmoked bacon, onion, celery, tomato purée, and wine.
    • I started this post to comment on the fact that I had just had pork sausages and unsmoked bacon for breakfast, whereas a week ago in Australia I had beef sausages and smoked bacon.
    • The Cowries also run a fish filleting factory, and family contacts in Scrabster mean they sell a large range of fresh, unsmoked fish - from haddock and halibut to monkfish, mackerel and plaice.
    • There's nothing remarkable about the cooking here, unless you count a particularly graceful spaghetti carbonara, the rich classic sauced with an eggy cream flavored by pancetta, the unsmoked Italian bacon.
    • A boring-sounding penne dish, tossed with crisped bits of pancetta (the unsmoked Italian bacon) and a basil-flecked cream sauce, turns out to hold interest down to the last bite.
  • 2

    (cigarette) sin fumar
    • A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered an unsmoked marijuana cigarette, the spokesman said, adding that Garfunkel, 63, had been ordered to appear in court on Sept. 22.
    • Actually she ran, as best she could with a fifteen-pound bookbag, tossing her unsmoked cigarette on the ground as she went.
    • A fire-safe cigarette goes out when left unsmoked.
    • Ramsey figured she'd leave about 30 cigarettes unsmoked between midnight and midnight, which was what she had committed herself to.
    • I turned around and noticed a tall skinny man who looked similar to me standing behind the counter holding an unsmoked cigarette in his hand.