Translation of unsolicited in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌnsəˈlɪsɪtɪd//ˌənsəˈlɪsɪdəd/


  • 1

    que no se ha pedido
    que no se ha solicitado
    he was tired of all the unsolicited advice people were giving him estaba harto de todos los consejos que le daban sin que él los pidiera
    • unsolicited mail propaganda que se recibe por correo
    • unsolicited manuscript original no solicitado
    • I don't buy things at the door, or from an unsolicited phone call.
    • This time a caller offers a service to block unsolicited telephone calls for just £9.50 per quarter.
    • There has also been significant media attention - which was unsolicited, we might add.
    • Police in Clacton today warned elderly residents to beware of unsolicited letters which could have cost a woman her home.
    • When a user of the software package receives an unsolicited e-mail, they simply report this to the central database.
    • He moved out of Vancouver after unsolicited direct marketing became difficult in Canada, and headed for London.
    • And studios mostly don't steal ideas from unsolicited scripts that come in, because if you do that you do get sued.
    • Spam is unsolicited commercial email - the on-line equivalent of junk mail.
    • How dare I not take her unsolicited advice on the use of a cooking oil!
    • I don't want my photo taken by anyone, especially if it's unsolicited.
    • If the firm disputes that the items are unsolicited, businesses should ask them to provide proof of when an order was placed and by whom.
    • Most major publishers no longer accept unsolicited submissions, which are now sent almost entirely to agents.
    • Is it in your nature to provide unsolicited commentary on all aspects of human existence?
    • It seems to be impossible to implement a law against spam - unsolicited bulk email - without making a hash of it.
    • The Data Protection Act protects you against unsolicited mail and from your details being passed on to companies.
    • We have heard of incidents where people have suffered from quite aggressive behaviour from unsolicited tradesmen.
    • But for this most brutal, straightforward and unsolicited intervention, he had no answer.
    • It refuses to specify how many mailshots it sends out each year, but admits it issues unsolicited cheques to card customers.
    • In truth, any technical measure against unsolicited mail comes at a cost.
    • A U.S. Congress report estimates that half the e-mail on the Net is such unsolicited junk.