Translation of unsolvable in Spanish:


insoluble, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈsɑlvəb(ə)l//ʌnˈsɒlvəb(ə)l/


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    • However, it is hardly an unsolvable mystery: remember that there were plants with sap, leaves, seeds, spores and pollen in the Paleozoic, long before flowering plants appeared.
    • So the next time you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with being a security officer or consultant, take solace in the fact that the problems you are trying to solve are fundamentally unsolvable.
    • It is that unique and individual genetic code that is helping law enforcement solve unsolvable crimes.
    • It is perhaps this complete unpredictability in fishing that keeps us coming back for more, to solve the unsolvable conundrum: what makes the perfect fishing day?
    • For anyone of this high level, they would have already graduated from college, be working on a degree of some sorts, working on finding cures to cancer and aids or solving unsolvable math equations.
    • It also solves a number of supposedly unsolvable problems that Web service developers have discussed over the years.
    • The Cabinet Office report says papers are delivered after exams should have been held, questions are unsolvable and there are often errors in the marking.
    • First, it enables new and innovative approaches to scientific and engineering research, allowing scientists to solve previously unsolvable problems or to provide superior answers.
    • Where they came, where they went, the questions surrounding them (and indeed the women themselves) were unsolvable mysteries.
    • But, the seemingly unsolvable mystery is this: Why has the fierce love of wrestling been so unfailing across the ages?
    • Why this is the case is one of life's many unsolvable conundrums.
    • The number of times the participant attempted to solve the unsolvable puzzle was used as a measure of the person's persistence or residual frustration level.
    • ‘That question remains unsolved and unsolvable,’ Greenberg writes.
    • They were then asked to complete an unsolvable geometric puzzle.
    • In essence, the human brain has the ability to solve problems that seem unsolvable by intuition.
    • Everything around me appeared blurred, the voices were a faint cackle and all the colours swirled in front of my eyes like parts of an unsolvable puzzle.
    • There's no single-handed solving of unsolvable murders these days - and no beautiful, blonde dames in distress to be rescued, as in Philip Marlowe's day.
    • Assumptions of the world as fair and manageable are shattered by an unsolvable mystery that can go on for a lifetime.
    • They often come up with solutions for what seemed like unsolvable problems.
    • Among the army of sleuths and secret agents that populated 1960s TV was a trio of detectives, employed by of a special branch of Interpol dedicated to solving seemingly unsolvable crimes.