Translation of unsolved in Spanish:


no resuelto, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈsɒlvd//ˌənˈsɑlvd/


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    no resuelto
    the murder is still unsolved el asesinato continúa sin esclarecerse / resolverse
    • There are some unsolved mysteries and unusual happenings in this case.
    • Though two companies are assisting us on this, the problem remains unsolved.
    • The mountain of unsolved cases would also be largely consigned to history and give so many traumatised people the peace of mind they crave.
    • With a population of just over 100,000, it has had 20 unsolved murders in the past 30 years.
    • The largest unsolved problem for the policy-makers, however, is what to do about financial institutions.
    • And the civil liberties issues highlighted by the information commissioner this week remain unsolved.
    • Only a few nomadic tribesmen with their herds of reindeer were witnesses to a mystery that goes unsolved to this day.
    • A self-confessed optimist, he says that having unsolved problems is what makes life interesting.
    • The unsolved murder became a cause célèbre in Northern Ireland.
    • Police are still trying to trace mobile phones which they believe hold the key to two unsolved murder investigations in the city.
    • But when it comes to London's transport system a number of mysteries remain unsolved.
    • It is the third arrest as part of a police operation using new DNA technology to reinvestigate unsolved sexual assaults.
    • Her death came in the midst of a series of unsolved disappearances and killings in the Auxerre region over the past three decades.
    • It is an unsolved riddle which has inspired explorers and writers for nearly 80 years.
    • The mystery remains unsolved, essentially, and it is up to the reader to decide which voice he or she wants to listen to.
    • With medicine you always start with an unsolved medical problem.
    • Discomfort is the major unsolved problem with protective clothing.
    • Over the same period, Strathclyde had 47 detected crimes and 38 unsolved crimes.
    • Many believed that the smooch was contrived for the camera but the identities of the sailor and the nurse have remained an unsolved mystery.
    • But even with modern software tools, a number of unsolved geometric problems remain.