Translation of unsound in Spanish:


poco sólido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈsaʊnd//ʌnˈsaʊnd/


  • 1

    (foundations/floorboards) poco sólido
    (foundations/floorboards) poco seguro
    (argument) poco sólido
    (health) precario
    the building is structurally unsound los cimientos y paredes del edificio no son sólidos
    • he gave us unsound advice nos dio un mal consejo
    • their financial position is unsound su situación financiera es poco sólida
    • an unsound case un caso rebatible / impugnable
    • he's ideologically unsound su ideología es poco sólida
    • Whether or not such person forgot to have his apple a day will always be up for debate but the fact of the matter is that, yes, such perversions have to be the result of unsound mental health.
    • But as regards health and safety for squatters, there's not much that can be done if the building they are occupying turns out to be dangerous or structurally unsound.
    • If the theory is indeed unsound, then it's perfectly proper for the legislature to prevent the cost and risk of the litigation in the first place, rather than waiting until tens of millions of dollars are spent in various lawsuits.
    • Treating this as something much more than it is strikes me as unsound, and likely to undermine the attention given to serious civil liberties complaints in other cases.
    • Too often, authorities say, the science is unproven, the analyses unsound, and the experts unreliable.
    • It is unsettling to discover a layer of fragile, unsound rock concealed between deep strata of solid granite, but not uncommon.
    • The film revolves around Kumaran who becomes mentally unsound after learning that his son, Appu, has been grievously injured in an accident.
    • It was not the loss of freedom of the press, or unsound monetary policy, or costly military actions abroad, or low health expenditure - although all these factors had a negative impact.
    • Elsewhere the case against Antinori was that his plan was scientifically unsound and dangerous.
    • It was held that, on the basis of the evidence presented to the court, the project for the dam was unsound.
    • We have also published articles about structurally unsound boat hulls, boat buying scams and faulty generators that create the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
    • They said the wall was structurally unsound and was removed by our client, before the notice of refusal was received by our client from the Council.
    • But the principle itself is not wholly unsound.
    • This is the most conspicuous and direct mechanism where weak system underpinnings foster heightened asset inflation and unsound economic expansion.
    • We can say with confidence that we have established homes for women and children who are mentally disabled and if you walk around this area you will see that there are no beggars, no mentally unsound or unstable people.
    • The difference between being of sound and unsound mind, while appealing to lawyers who like clear cut rules, seems to me inadequate to deal with the complexities of human psychology in the context of the stresses caused by imprisonment.
    • Mr Pain said the police evidence was unsound: ‘It's all innuendo and unsubstantiated intelligence given by people who clearly have an axe to grind.’
    • The worst-hit were the mentally unsound women who were deserted by their kin and left on the roads to the mercy of anti-social elements.
    • Certainly, no person in an unsound state of mind can be left on his own in the hope that the religious environs would help him regain his mental balance.
    • But to characterise this condition as synonymous with ‘deflation’ is analytically unsound.
    • What is the difference between peddling a stock or a product as having value, when in reality, insiders know what is being sold is unreliable, unsound and unworthy?
    • As I mentioned before, there are lots of interesting, plausible arguments in the gun control debates - and some that seem appealing but on close viewing prove to be just plain unsound.
    • You couldn't make a more unsound legal statement than the one you have just made.
    • The evidence that I checked, though, seems to be highly unsound.
    • Her Sunday column is so full of unsound argument that I just don't know where to start.
    • Charleville courthouse was deemed to be physically unsound, and its district, which straddles the county boundary, is also dealt with in Kilmallock.
    • Any loss of euro confidence is an unwelcome blow to a global currency ‘system’ already tottering over its unsound dollar foundation.
    • Brooke would not press him like this, especially when he was so unsound and strange at the moment.
    • Ivy will not harm fired clay bricks, nor will it cause mortar to crumble unless the mortar is already unsound.
    • I think that's a very poor and very methologically unsound approach.
    • The main buildings may not be of modern design, but there was no technical evidence to show that any of them are structurally unsound or incapable of reuse, with refurbishment if necessary.
    • What happens in 50 years, when the building becomes structurally unsound, or the neighborhood changes?
    • I was talking about this incident with the taxi driver on the way back to the Bloomberg bureau from covering this bomb scare at the Reuters bureau and the taxi driver didn't believe that the guy is psychologically unsound.
    • It had walls, but the beams within were mostly rotten, the roof had gone, it was structurally unsound and the site was entirely overgrown.
    • Counsel also made submissions as to why the reasons for decision were arguably either sound or unsound.
    • I thought the fundamental premise of this article was unsound.
    • The Asian crisis has shown the danger of free capital flows when vital information is imperfect, domestic financial systems are weak, and governments pursue unsound economic policies.
    • A new rich class enjoyed a flamboyant lifestyle, which too many people tried to copy by means of credit and stock-market speculation, within an unsound banking system.
    • East Asian networks provide mutual support and focused industrial development, but have created unsound financial systems and inflexible business conditions.
    • The figure does not include local credit cooperatives, which are notorious for unsound lending practices.
    • Many self-appointed experts believed that sending in the bombers at low-level was basically unsound and too dangerous.
    • The allegations of the judge supposedly misleading Congress or of his testimony raising ‘serious concerns’ about the judiciary strike me as unsound.
    • Kannan was born to a mentally unsound woman at Abhaya and his mother though ill, is alive.
    • Many people believe the conviction was based on unsound evidence.
    • In some cases, no doubt, the exclusion of the testator's immediate family from a Will may be evidence of an unsound mind, or of lack of understanding or approval.
    • The one quote that strikes me as quite unsound is the one at the very end, though of course it's always impossible to tell if some relevant context might have been inadvertently cut in the editing.
    • Reporting psychological disorders is strongly associated with social stigma; the hospital also houses an asylum for the mentally unsound.
    • Good advocacy but unsound principle, for damages are to compensate the victim not to reflect what the wrongdoer ought to pay.
    • Since the Liberals defeated the NDP in the last election, no work has been done to improve the Woodwards building and there is concern that it is structurally unsound.
    • Even when his conclusions are unsound he often attempts to derive them from Scriptural based premises.
    • It's hard to believe that the building inspector who charges a thousand dollars to approve a sound building wouldn't accept ten thousand dollars to approve an unsound one.
    • Ferran and Chien Chi's works in particular present ethical challenges, regarding ethical treatment of the mentally unsound.
    • The ‘moral age of consent’ argument is indeed a plausible one, though one that I think on balance is unsound.