Translation of unstable in Spanish:


inestable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈsteɪbəl//ʌnˈsteɪb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (structure/foundation) inestable
    (structure/foundation) poco firme
    (structure/foundation) poco sólido
    • The unstable ground underneath his feet suddenly gave way, and he fell into a deep sinkhole.
    • Following this extended period of stability the slope, whilst still grazed grassland, suddenly became unstable.
    • The thief and his pursuers were uncertain on their feet while they tried to traverse the unstable landscape.
    • Even when it was discovered that the land was unstable and prone to landslide, the squatters remained.
    • Due to natural erosion the cliff was inherently unstable, and there had been at least two landslips on the authority's land.
    • As you might be aware, Tokyo is built on some slightly unstable land, prone to all manner of natural disasters, especially earthquakes.
    • Such steep slopes are unstable and prone to slumping, so deltas often collapse.
    • Luckily, it caught a jar full of pencils, already unstable and perched precariously on the edge of the desk.
    • Just inside the entrance many large rocks had fallen and lots of loose rubble, indicating that the entrance was unstable and prone to rock falls.
    • Conditions in the mine were so unstable that rescue workers could not enter the shaft to retrieve the bodies for almost 24 hours.
    • Yet this one is so poorly made that the mast at sea would have twisted, making the ship unstable and difficult to control.
    • However it was found to be geologically unstable and would likely blow itself to ashes in about six cycles.
    • Construction of drilled piles in unstable soil is difficult because soil can contaminate the pile.
    • The slopes and cliffs reflect a highly unstable and dynamic landscape.
    • Calm funded the project to avoid safety worries over unstable cliff faces and walking trails.
    • Death of the whole tree will not be immediate, but reduced root development will make the larger trees unstable and therefore prone to wind-blow.
    • The choice of operation depends on how large the protrusion is, how many nerves are involved and how stable or unstable the spine is.
    • Officers said overloaded caravans were unstable and difficult to control.
    • Unfortunately, there are not enough of the biggest bricks which means that the cross section of the tower is only one lego element wide at the top and very unstable.
    • The last remaining member of the Hail family rose from her seat, balancing precariously on unstable legs.
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    (not secure)
    (government) inestable
    (home/relationship) inestable
    (relationship/home) poco estable
    economically unstable sin estabilidad económica
    • The economy is unstable and unpredictable, and people have to adapt to many changes to survive.
    • The subjectivity of decisions made by these people makes global financial markets extremely unstable.
    • He said that the difficulties also led to the highly unstable domestic prices and deterioration in living conditions.
    • Today they read as uncanny reflections of our own unstable, uncertain age.
    • Experts have said that the unstable exchange rate created difficulties in reaching debt restructuring agreements.
    • However, you could be forgiven for thinking that the future for competitive operators looks highly uncertain and unstable.
    • Unstable voltage lines mean an unstable system and this is the last thing people want.
    • It is a very unstable region, where changes can occur brutally.
    • However, base rates are inherently ambiguous, unreliable and unstable.
    • At the same time, the incomes - and jobs - they do have are far more unstable than they were a few decades ago.
    • They are the future of our country and if we allow a bad situation get worse, then we are setting the country on a road to an unstable and uncertain future.
    • The conditions of patients admitted to the trauma room are usually unstable and critical.
    • Wahid, at the head of an unstable multi-party coalition, is attempting a precarious political balancing act.
    • The problem is from the ground up it's a very unstable technology in terms of specifications.
    • Throughout the 1990s, politics were extremely unstable, with frequent changes of government.
    • Without citizens who possess these qualities, democracies become difficult to govern, even unstable.
    • Other staff contend with phone lines that don't work, uncertain supply lines, and a power system that is unstable at the best of times.
    • It is not necessary to point out that when the economy is on track, the unstable labor market problem resolves itself.
    • Political fragmentation has been a problem, and coalitions between parties have been unstable.
    • Nuclear power is like that - unpredictable, unstable and ultimately as dangerous as it gets.
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    (prices) variable
    (weather) inestable
    (pulse) irregular
    (personality/person) inestable
    • Betty is a successful writer who is forced to relive her traumatic childhood when her mentally unstable mother comes to visit.
    • When a suspect is mentally unstable, officers are trained to back off and call in a crisis intervention team.
    • When one is emotionally unstable, alcohol inhibits the ability to confront and solve problems.
    • Police say Bazell, who had a ticket for a domestic Delta flight, appeared mentally unstable.
    • A hitman is assigned to kidnap the mentally unstable younger brother of a powerful district attorney.
    • Women, in comparison to men, also viewed the defendant as more psychologically unstable.
    • The men became uncontrollable, emotionally unstable and dangerously paranoid.
    • He is accusing this woman of mentally unstable demeanour when, in fact, he seems to be the most qualified for such a label.
    • Both emotionally stable and unstable students can benefit from a better understanding of psychology.
    • It appears that he had a lively genius, but was unstable, erratic, and weak.
    • From seventeen year old kid with an unstable mother to his rise as a porn god to his fall from grace, Wahlberg is there every step of the way.
    • Ray Liotta plays a reckless and unstable crime boss.
    • There are, unfortunately, people in the world who are unstable, and who may descend into madness.
    • The ruling affected the treatment of mentally unstable prisoners during trials.
    • So I didn't want to open the door to the mental hospital, but I was forced to because of her unstable state.
    • We are expecting that the western media will portray him a crazy or an unstable person - he was the opposite.
    • Defence counsel argued that Cowle was mentally unstable, but the prosecution said he was not insane in the legal sense.
    • If Khouri is as mentally unstable as the article implies then that's a bit harsh, don't you reckon?
    • The diagnosis is that of an emotionally unstable borderline personality disorder.
    • Leading up to her death, the weeks before her death, many people seemed to think she was mentally unstable.
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    Physics Chemistry
    (compound/atom) inestable