Translation of unsterilized in Spanish:


no esterilizado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈstɛrɪlʌɪzd/


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    no esterilizado
    • Of course, the victims don't know that they're going to be ‘operated’ on by someone with no surgical skills using unsterilized instruments.
    • Even when the appropriate staff were available routine malpractices, like reusing unsterilised needles and confining patients to their beds for hours on end, continued.
    • If I share unsterilized needles and manage to avoid catching hepatitis C or AIDS, that doesn't make the idea that sharing needles ‘works’ one worth conveying.
    • Infection of the others could have come through a number of means - injections, any other penetration of the skin, or even use of an unsterilised oxygen mask.
    • Old, unsterilized instruments may be to blame.
    • Your example of the surgeons who do not wash their hands or use unsterilized instruments is a good one.
    • FGM also increases the risk of HIV infection since unsterilized instruments are shared among participants.
    • Although acupuncture has been promoted as a safe therapy, significant infections have occurred, including human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis, as a result of the use of unsterilized needles.
    • In the early days of the recovery many of the DNA samples that were recovered proved useless because they were contaminated by other samples from unsterilised equipment.
    • It can be caught through unprotected sex or from unsterilised needles or contaminated blood products.
    • It may be acquired from transfusion with infected blood and the use of unsterilised needles and syringes (particularly by drug addicts and tattooists) and by unprotected sexual intercourse.
    • He said that between 30000 and 50000 people had been infected while selling blood through poorly managed collection operations, where reused and unsterilised equipment is common.
    • A chiropodist has been struck off after treating hundreds of patients in North Yorkshire with unsterilised instruments.
    • The HIV virus is also transmitted in hospitals and health centres through blood transfusions, the use of unsterilised needles for intravenous drips and unsterilised surgical instruments in operations.
    • In addition, the commonly held belief that an injection is more effective than oral medication can expose people to HCV through the use of unsterilised needles.
    • Nothing is worth the risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis from poorly sterilised or unsterilised needles used in an emergency.
    • Using unsterilized tools may transmit viral infections, such as hepatitis B or warts.
    • They highlighted widespread use of various unsterilised blades and other sharp instruments used in cutting body tattoos as one of the risks.
    • The use of intravenous drugs, the use of shared, unsterilized, or poorly sterilized needles and syringes, and also the transfusion of blood products have been primary factors in the spread of HCV.
    • The infections were an inevitable outcome of inadequate equipment, unskilled staff and the reuse of unsterilized needles.