Translation of unstoppable in Spanish:


incontenible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈstɑpəb(ə)l//ʌnˈstɒpəb(ə)l/


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    • The big striker brought the ball down and swivelled before firing an unstoppable shot into the net.
    • The high drama came when Dublin surged through and were unstoppable as they landed the ball in the net.
    • Its sheer size makes it formidable, and its movement is apparently unstoppable.
    • As more Yorkshire troops and airmen head for the Gulf, the momentum towards conflict looks unstoppable.
    • When he was at his most sublime, he was unstoppable and irresistible.
    • Few predicted weeks ago that so many people would turn out to stop the unstoppable, and I was certainly not among them.
    • At his peak he was almost unstoppable and only the quality of competition limited his Scotland appearances to two.
    • His goal came when he controlled a cross from the corner on his chest and rifled in an unstoppable volley.
    • The best thing about a remix is its ability to turn a lackadaisical song into something unstoppable.
    • Over the last couple of weeks with players from all clubs in the parish, Kirwans are unstoppable.
    • The unstoppable Chinese economy has emerged as the main driver of steel prices in the world market.
    • He opened the scoring after 25 minutes with an unstoppable left foot drive into the roof of the net.
    • By the end of August, the seemingly unstoppable Japanese force had been stopped.
    • Can Bruce figure out a way to stop an unstoppable foe when he can barely get out of bed?
    • Receiving the ball on the right of the Rowntree penalty area he unleashed an unstoppable drive into the top corner of the net.
    • Global chaos ensues when a computer geek, fired from his job, unleashes an unstoppable computer virus.
    • The urge for men to have sons, one colleague tells me, is unstoppable.
    • Four and eight years ago, the Kiwis were producing sublime attacking rugby that was unstoppable in full flow.
    • His flow of talk, of analysis and anecdote is magical and unstoppable.
    • These underlying causes mean that change continues in a virtually unstoppable way for lengthy periods of time.