Translation of unstuffy in Spanish:


campechano, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈstʌfi//ˌənˈstəfi/

adjectiveunstuffiest, unstuffier

  • 1

    (person) campechano
    (manner) nada acartonado
    • Staff are chatty, well-intentioned and deliberately unstuffy which all adds to the charm and there's also an acceptable mini wine list for wine buffs (as opposed to beer fans) which is very sensibly priced.
    • All in all, the Dorchester manages to achieve a delicate balance of being splendid yet cosy and imposing yet unstuffy.
    • He is also incredibly unstuffy, in spite of the circles in which he moves, and is still not always able to spot a famous face (he once failed to recognise Prince Edward).
    • German renaissance drawings are often enchantingly unstuffy, and frequently treat subjects that would never have been painted.
    • What this misses is the fact that he was also genial and unstuffy, with a capacity to make himself agreeable.
    • And this list is only the highest of the highlights, perhaps less than half of what we ate, all of it coordinated by as cheery and unstuffy a bunch of waiters as you could hope to find.
    • Not quite such a skilled fixer as his predecessor, he is still the consummate diplomat, albeit an unstuffy one who wears red socks and runs a professional operation.
    • Good for Radio 4 doing a second series after all the stuffed shirts complained about their first one because of their irreverent and unstuffy presentation.
    • It is because he is outspoken and charismatic and humorous and unstuffy and clearly isn't afraid to take risks.
    • But above all, the Albatroz hits just the right note in terms of its unstuffy sophistication, sense of warm Portuguese hospitality and the creature comforts expected of a five star property.
    • His unstuffy manner has also gained him increasing respect in a German business world desperate to modernise beyond its engineering and banking base.
    • North Yorkshire scenery and people, good food, wonderful wines and a totally unstuffy, relaxing atmosphere make the trip more than worthwhile.
    • Her sell-out concerts are deliberately unstuffy affairs, often played before audiences that would view a night at the opera as a dangerous leap into the cultural unknown.
    • Yet the service and atmosphere here is refreshingly unstuffy.
    • There's a tremendous sense of unstuffy celebration of art in that building.
    • She's quick on her feet, she knows who So Solid Crew are and she's very unstuffy.
    • Finally, he is a classically trained chef who has run his own restaurants but who is also very unstuffy.
    • After all, there could be no surer way of denting Halifax's accessible and unstuffy image.
    • Although he enjoys the formality of many areas of the Mayor's office, he is an unstuffy man.
    • Many restaurants without aspirations of winning a Michelin gong survive on unstuffy, rustic charm that often equates to a disappointing mix of bland food and uncomfortable surroundings.
  • 2

    (room) bien ventilado
    • It was a very comfortable hotel that has clean, unstuffy rooms with tiled floors, plus parking, a restaurant, a bar and a small gym on the premises.