Translation of unsuitable in Spanish:


poco apropiado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈsudəb(ə)l//ʌnˈsuːtəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (clothing) poco apropiado
    (clothing) poco adecuado
    (candidate) poco idóneo
    please inform us if this time is unsuitable le rogamos nos indique si dicha hora le resulta inconveniente
    • she made a most unsuitable marriage se casó muy mal
    • the weather is unsuitable for sailing el tiempo no es indicado para salir a navegar
    • your dress is unsuitable for a wedding tu vestido no es apropiado para ir a una boda
    • she's unsuitable for the post no es la persona indicada / idónea para el cargo
    • this medicine is unsuitable for children esta medicina está contraindicada para niños
    • she is unsuitable for the rôle no sirve para el papel
    • this program is unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition este programa no es apropiado / es inconveniente para personas impresionables
    • Tonight I ought to go out as a British country gentleman and find companions wholly unsuitable to my station.
    • Some other fields are of made up ground and unsuitable for building on.
    • Some have left in their wake a trail of disconsolate and usually highly unsuitable young men.
    • BNP opponents insist the party's policies mean they are unsuitable to take a key role in school life.
    • I can think of far worse ways to die but they're unsuitable for mention.
    • The RSC advises that the production is unsuitable for children under the age of 14.
    • Some roads are completely unsuitable for lorries in the Moors and Dales.
    • Also, some of the land may be unsuitable because of low forestry yield potential.
    • One in eight viewers thought soap operas were now unsuitable for children.
    • He said no-one would be forced to approve development on unsuitable areas.
    • Many shops are willing to exchange goods if they are unsuitable.
    • In May last year the plans were turned down as being unsuitable for an historic building.
    • Anyone who fails to appoint a legal guardian runs the risk of unsuitable people applying for the position.
    • This is why people who appear to be completely unsuitable for one another can live long happy lives together.
    • For example, a Likert scale is entirely unsuitable for asking factual questions about behaviour.
    • He said all library terminals were available to children and needed protection from unsuitable sites.
    • Warning stickers were placed on the bins that had incorrect or unsuitable material in them.
    • If they could not find a job after the two years of supply work then they were deemed unsuitable for the profession and had to leave.
    • Tours are organised by the Friends of Old Palace who regret that the building is unsuitable for wheelchairs.
    • They are also concerned that many are housed in old and unsuitable buildings.