Translation of unsuited in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈsuːtɪd//ˌənˈsudəd/


  • 1

    to be unsuited to/for
    • her clothes are unsuited to the climate/occasion su ropa no es la apropiada / la adecuada / la indicada para el clima/la ocasión
    • she is unsuited to this work/teaching children no sirve para este trabajo/para enseñar a niños
    • they are completely unsuited (to each other) son totalmente incompatibles
    • the tools were unsuited for the purpose las herramientas no eran las adecuadas para el trabajo
    • Delightful though that is, it makes them peculiarly unsuited to expressing Scotland's place in the 21st century world.
    • It was just that I was unsuited to being a child, or an exile.
    • Although temperamentally unsuited to medicine, he qualified as a doctor in 1951 when in his forties.
    • This girl is clearly unsuited for the job, and is only taking it to earn the few pennies it pays.
    • Clearly, the Premier of Tasmania appointed someone totally unsuited to the job of Governor.
    • In fact algae technology offers the opportunity to utilise land and water resources that are, today, unsuited for any other use.
    • For example, the LAV3 is wholly unsuited to dangerous combat zones due to its lack of survivability.
    • A shame that the present system has defaulted back to a typeface which is totally unsuited for signage.
    • She's almost completely unsuited to the role of political wife, which might be why I like her.
    • Her husband is a high-court judge and she herself, clearly unsuited to fading quietly into senior citizenry, has just been called to the Irish Bar.
    • It is not realism to suppose that one-fifth of humanity is unsuited to liberty; it is pessimism and condescension, and we should have none of it.
    • She said yesterday that she found her portfolio unsuited to her interests and wanted to work on the London Child Poverty Commission.
    • We wrote that Swift boats were unsuited for such secret missions, given their large size and noise.
    • An academic boycott is a political act with a political goal, and if it is unsuited to the purpose then it is bad politics.
    • Both these notions of secularism are unsuited to our situation.
    • Most of the new generation vehicles are unsuited to Indian roads.
    • They were unhappy in a job for which they might well be unsuited.
    • In many ways he was unsuited to the life of a country parson, and he chafed under the restrictions.
    • Critics worry that despite all the fixes, the complex design may still be unsuited to the rigors of real war.
    • Don't waste time applying for jobs you're unsuited for.