Translation of unsullied in Spanish:


impoluto, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈsʌlɪd//ˌənˈsəlid/



  • 1

    impoluto literary
    sin mancha
    unsullied by sth no ensuciado por algo
    • There's an unintentional air of elitism about the event, specialising as it does on unsullied perfect specimens.
    • Why is the second-rate part of a hero's corpus uncritically praised or else ignored to keep the hero's reputation unsullied.
    • The serene Andaman and Nicobar islands may soon become a much sought after destination by not just tourists looking for cool and unsullied locales but also pearl aficionados.
    • His academic reputation remains unsullied by deeds that would have seen him fired in any other establishment.
    • If you have any fantasies about a pastoral past full of sunshine and sweet moments, unsullied by the grim industrial monuments of the current day, this should disabuse you.
    • These team-builders, no longer royalty, are valued as much for their unsullied reputations as their solid track records.
    • Still, the allegations show how hard it is for anyone in Russian finance to have an unsullied reputation.
    • Who's more human: the perfect couple in that unsullied Paradise, or the flawed but complex people you interact with every day?
    • Much of the old town is 17th century, and surprisingly intact and unsullied by suburbs, despite being only 15 miles from Amsterdam.
    • The words can be accessed even on the net or on a written page but they are apt to be coloured by one's own imagination and vocabulary, whereas in listening there is a possibility of reaching the source, pure and unsullied.
    • While the more prestigious Villages Beaujolais survived the crisis with their reputations mostly unsullied, the Nouveau did not.
    • In America, her reputation remains no more unsullied than she herself would wish.
    • GM's biggest advantage in China, though, is its unsullied reputation.
    • The vaguely licentious reputation of cinema also keeps women away, since they must be careful to keep their own reputations unsullied.
    • His voice remains clarion-ragged, unsullied, and untouched by trends or whims.
    • Perhaps it is a reflection of the inadequacies of this world that even the most heartfelt attempt to acknowledge its awesome terrors cannot remain unsullied by humanity's quest for lucre.
    • No skeletons have fallen from closets and his reputation remains unsullied.
    • People have fought on land and at sea for millennia, but some see space as a pristine domain, unsullied by human conflict, and want to keep it that way.
    • The second type is the sort who feels outrage at the presence of other backpackers and who is ever seeking virgin spots yet unsullied by them.
    • It is pristine and unsullied so long as we always draw from the source.