Translation of unsystematic in Spanish:


poco sistemático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˌsɪstəˈmædɪk//ˌʌnsɪstəˈmatɪk/


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    poco sistemático
    sin método
    • The ‘accomplishments’ taught to their sisters, on the other hand, mostly by unsystematic home education with a brief period at a private school to ‘finish’, in effect prepared them for marriage.
    • One eventually deduces that, for him, the word ‘metaphorical’ signifies the occasional and unsystematic use of purity language in contexts where it would not be normal.
    • Those who are familiar with the New Testament record of his teachings would admit that the material we possess is unsystematic and sporadic in nature.
    • I decided long ago that if I kept reading as widely as I had been, and in an unsystematic fashion, I would acquire a lot of information in the short term, but the depth of my understanding of anything would not improve.
    • These advocates of rights regarded the unsystematic, unentrenched British system of rights as totally inadequate.
    • Currently, variants of the fake bomb technique are used only for unsystematic exposes of flaws in the security system, not to improve inspector performance.
    • Penal law enforcement and its impact on Catholics was highly variegated, and modern scholars have emphasized the patchy and unsystematic way in which the laws had been introduced and enforced in the 18th century.
    • That something emerges in a totally unsystematic, indeed offhand way, as in a review of a book on Yeats's poetry.
    • Although somewhat unsystematic in its approach, it's a valuable resource.
    • Changes will have to be revalidated by going back to a possibly disorganized or unsystematic accumulation of user-related materials to see if the new specifications remain responsive to identified user needs.
    • Many submitters to the Law Commission said that despite the high ability and sensitivity of many people involved in the coronial process, the current system was haphazard, patchy, unsystematic, and inadequate.
    • Here literature's weakness - that, unlike philosophy, it is unsystematic - becomes its great strength.
    • He was, he insisted, an unsystematic thinker, hoping to observe his day and age accurately rather than build a beautiful abstract system.
    • The Minister for Finance is at best throwing money at problems in a totally unsystematic way, in trial and error methods.
    • Organizational researchers have developed a range of tactics, many of which may seem rather unsystematic in tone, but they are worth drawing attention to.
    • Our tort system is somewhat random, unsystematic, nontransparent, and produces dramatic inequalities.
    • Maybe she felt intimidated by their bald, shiny appearance - promising nothing but uncalculated, unsystematic and unpredictable rolling movements, which only seemed to increase the possibility of her becoming a loser in the game.
    • The glory days are a thing of the past and so, he decrees, is the haphazard and unsystematic approach which is breeding more disappointment than delight.
    • Problems, however, remain due to the limited funds, unsystematic management and lagging regulations.
    • Instead of looking at the consistency of test scores, this theory examines the causes of variability in test scores and the extent to which variability can be attributed to systematic or unsystematic sources.