Translation of unteachable in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈtiːtʃəb(ə)l//ˌənˈtitʃəb(ə)l/


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    these children are unteachable es imposible enseñarles nada a estos niños
    • they complained the syllabus was unteachable se quejaron de que era un programa imposible de enseñar
    • Cain then became jealous of Abel's worship and to make it worse, he was too proud, rebellious and unteachable even when God tried to reason with him to change his way of worship.
    • In March he wrote in the Times Literary Supplement how deplorable it is that, though ‘thoroughly demolished in the real world, his views, or the ghosts of such views, still haunt an unteachable intelligentsia’.
    • Is spiking the ball and getting out of bounds an unteachable skill?
    • Unlike him, however, he does not give up on teaching the unteachable.
    • ‘I remember when your father was just a boy,’ he said. ‘He was a little younger than you and was the laziest and most unteachable boy I ever had the opportunity to guide.’
    • ‘There is, I think, in every one of us something mineral and unteachable,’ says an agent of the totalitarian state in a 1990 novel Lights Out in the Reptile House.
    • If a gold medal is had, it will be because of the dominance of Tim, the innate and unteachable understanding of the game by Carmelo, and because someone gets hot with their perimeter shooting.
    • If a conductor's ultimate unteachable gift is the ability to galvanize an orchestra through body language, eye contact, and an arresting physical presence, this wired-up musician definitely has a major future.
    • He has unteachable court savvy and shooting touch, and showed star-caliber poise in taking Syracuse University to the national title as a freshman.
    • They branded him ‘degraded, unteachable, unamiable, querulous, and unmanly.’
    • He is athletic, skilled, and so far, unteachable.
    • She then carries this view into her interactions with her students, whom she regards as incorrigible and unteachable.
    • The whole form is like a precisely wrought handmade clock; it depends on timing, rhythm and that unteachable concept called chemistry.
    • At the same time, art as such, the carrier of spiritual value, was seen as unteachable, a feature of individual genius.
    • Alexander, a young Russian aristocrat, is taken out of school for being unteachable.
    • The Yahoos, he believes, are the most unteachable brutes in the land.