Translation of untrammeled in Spanish:


(British untrammelled)

Pronunciation: /ʌnˈtram(ə)ld//ˌənˈtræməld/



  • 1

    untrammeled by sth libre de algo
    • untrammeled by the cares of everyday life libre de las ataduras del quehacer cotidiano
    • ASEAN's embrace of information and communications technology obviously requires individual creativity, freedom of expression and untrammeled communications.
    • From the wrapped waistcloths of the Egyptians to the tunics, mantles and togas of the Greeks, men enjoyed untrammeled freedom.
    • I am not interested in providing untrammelled freedom of speech, however.
    • The rule of law operates as a bar to untrammelled discretionary power.
    • But there is a still better guide to their behaviour: there is one area where they get to exercise untrammelled power, free from any opposition constraints, and behave exactly as they like.
    • You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.
    • Social conservatives are anxious to constrain America's larger liberalism by protecting traditional morality from the corrosive effects of untrammeled personal freedom and the disruptions of a healthy, churning economy.
    • That would be a tragedy for Parliament and the people who place their trust in us, who see us as their last protection from the unfettered power of an untrammelled executive, when we have no written constitution.
    • The core academic ethos involves commitment to truth, reason, untrammelled inquiry, free speech and collegiality, but this is increasingly being turned on its head by rampant anti-intellectual managerialism.
    • This wild and untrammelled expanse, over thousands of miles of uninterrupted trail, makes for a very intense wilderness experience for the mushers (racers).
    • This summons to free enquiry, untrammelled by customary beliefs, was taken up by the Greek philosophers, and especially by Socrates.
    • Someone asked if ‘an untrammelled, populist media’ could be ‘too free for an intelligent democracy?’
    • Like the fabulously deceptive creations of the great landscape gardener Capability Brown, it will speak of wild, untrammelled nature.
    • Hidden in this dictum is the danger of unlimited government, of the exercise of power untrammelled by the need for openness, transparency and accountability.
    • India has lived with terrorism long enough to know that only an untrammelled expression of the popular will is the best antidote to terror.
    • I totally support the idea that you are going to be the navigators of your own destiny, unfettered and untrammelled.
    • From now on, FBI agents should have untrammeled power over all civilians living in the United States, and all their private movements and communications.
    • Bond markets continued their untrammelled rally powered by reserve money expansion and fears of a conflict in the Gulf region diminishing.
    • They no longer exercise untrammelled power in their own toy-town parliament and never will again.
    • The MEDEF, the main force behind the government's social policies, is arguing for further attacks on the rights of the unemployed while demanding untrammelled freedom to fire workers.