Translation of untrusting in Spanish:


desconfiado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈtrəstɪŋ//ʌnˈtrʌstɪŋ/


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    • But because they have lived through colonial and totalitarian regimes, they are untrusting and contemptuous of those impressive-sounding grand narratives.
    • But otherwise, it just makes you feel like an untrusting, paranoid, insecure freak.
    • This impersonal and bureaucratic approach, which is implicitly untrusting of physician clinical judgment, is problematic.
    • I'm sarcastic, cynical, and completely untrusting.
    • The paper produced by the church council was untrusting and mealy-mouthed.
    • Now, a cynical and untrusting person might say, ‘Hey, wait a minute’.
    • But just because I had that knowledge didn't mean that I wasn't still cautious and untrusting.
    • But his untrusting and adversarial approach to officers, NCOs, and soldiers alike and his emotional outbursts in front of the troops did nothing to create the energy and confidence units needed.
    • Analysts say that while the economy is coming around in advance of this year's election, the most untrusting voters will be in hard-hit manufacturing states.
    • Since moving to Swindon in my late 20s I have also had bad experiences with dentists, leaving me untrusting and I have paid exorbitant prices for both private and NHS dentistry.
    • He was untrusting, he would snigger at people while they talked and couldn't resist kicking a man when he was down.
    • Weapons stayed close to the men's sides, and they threw suspicious looks around every so often, untrusting of anybody, watching to see if anyone lurked in the shadows, threatening their safety.
    • Parents have got fearful and suspicious and untrusting.
    • Andrew just couldn't help but feel untrusting of her.
    • Behind her smooth exterior can be seen an unforgiving enemy, an untrusting friend and a back-stabbing colleague who lets you carry on only on her terms.
    • She was a very suspicious, untrusting woman, not even letting her husband fully into her heart.
    • This city has been invaded so many times in history and been a ground for so many battles that it has become combative and untrusting in nature.
    • He was watchful, weary, worried, and altogether untrusting of anything she and her companions said or did.
    • NEW FORMS OF of organization and power-with distinct types of membership, jurisdiction, and obligation-are one consequence of this untrusting world.
    • Both sides in these discussions are tired and untrusting because we don't trust the process of listening.