Translation of unverified in Spanish:


sin verificar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈvɛrəˌfaɪd//ʌnˈvɛrɪfʌɪd/


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    sin verificar
    • It is important to mention - and vitally important to mention - that all these estimates of losses are based on the farmers' perceptions, so the data are unverified as to the extent of fox predation in the first place.
    • The need to ascertain sigint data by other types of intelligence is highlighted by the enemy's decoy radio traffic, when wrong assumptions were made on the basis of unverified and unconfirmed sigint data.
    • Generals admitted relying on intelligence reports of ground damage that were unverified, contradictory, erroneous and misleading.
    • It would be irresponsible do otherwise or act on unverified reports regarding viral illness in the community.
    • When a blood test was finally taken the initial results appeared on a computer after he was discharged but left unverified for more than a week.
    • We have unverified reports that these incidents have resulted in at least three serious injuries or deaths.
    • They also took printing plates for Namibian and Swaziland passports, a number-embossing machine to punch numbers onto passports, wrapping documents used for transporting and unverified travel documents.
    • In recent times, a dichotomy has been created regarding the study of unverified and verified spontaneous cases.
    • An unverified comment posted on Mac suggests that the part will ship at up to 1.4GHz, but the unknown poster claims the part will ship in the autumn.
    • I just have problems suspending my disbelief of unverified conjecture on a universe none of us can see.
    • Modern ‘monoculture’ is central to the unverified claims about modern varieties being less disease resistant.
    • Both positions are assumptions, both employ unverified philosophical ideas, both could be wrong, or one might be right; it is too early to pass judgement with certainty.
    • By contrast, dating methods that are alleged to measure geologic events of millions and billions of years clearly depend on unverified and unverifiable assumptions.
    • That differs from some traditional approaches where policy is determined by individuals representing only one or a few perspectives, often based on an assumed, but typically unverified, response of the resource system.
    • In fact, all sorts of theories and information are surfacing, and it is increasingly clear that many of these assertions and allegations are patently false or unverified.
    • Faculty search committees that hold unverified assumptions cause campuses to engage in self-fulfilling prophecies regarding the recruitment of minority faculty.
    • When top government officials stoop to the use of unverified intelligence to sway public opinion, surely they deserve to pay a greater penalty by having their inexcusable behavior boldly revealed across the front page.
    • In those instances, there seems to be a blanket policy of reporting figures with disclaimers stating that they are unconfirmed or unverified.
    • This area of cosmology is less speculative; involving some estimated equations and unverified assumptions.
    • Recall that the ‘alligators’ are suspected terrorists with no love for the USA passing unverified charges to people whose sole purpose in life seems to be sliming the USA.