Translation of unwanted in Spanish:


no deseado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈwɒntɪd//ˌənˈwɑn(t)əd/


  • 1

    (pregnancy/child) no deseado
    (object) superfluo
    (object) que no se necesita
    unwanted hair vello superfluo masculine
    • porcelain tea set, unwanted gift: £25 vendo juego de té de porcelana, regalo sin usar, £25
    • the elderly often feel unwanted a menudo los ancianos sienten que son una carga para los demás
    • I feel unwanted here siento que estoy de más aquí
    • Now there is a chance to get rid of unwanted articles, and serve a worthwhile cause as well.
    • We would be grateful for any unused or unwanted books which can be handed into us at the Museum.
    • Farmers often see them as a nuisance, an unwanted obstacle dividing up valuable grazing land.
    • A former keeper at Glasgow Zoo alleges unwanted pets were fed to snakes as a cost cutting exercise.
    • The idea is that the active noise cancels out or reduces the unwanted sound.
    • It too was a place to hide from the social and moral stigma of unwanted pregnancy.
    • What kind of policy is this where senior citizens are made to feel unloved and unwanted?
    • This a chance to get some money for Christmas and also to dispose of unwanted items at home.
    • I ask whether he found himself the focus of unwanted press attention when they were together.
    • They are also sending out posters to remind patients to cancel unwanted appointments.
    • They don't replace items because they are unwanted, a little frayed or just out of fashion.
    • She was part of an unwanted litter and came to us at just five weeks' old.
    • The long dark nights are here again but so are the unwanted visitors to our homes.
    • He has received unwanted attention from religious parties in the past, he says.
    • Stray and unwanted cats have been patched up, neutered and sent off to new homes.
    • Customers will benefit from a reduction in the number of unwanted and inappropriate calls.
    • York's animal shelter is packed out with unwanted cats and dogs who now need new homes.
    • What if anti-spam laws could be formulated to prevent unwanted telemarketing calls?
    • Giving a charitable donation in the name of a friend is another way to avoid handing over unwanted gifts.
    • The club would welcome any unwanted toys in good condition that can be sold.