Translation of unwelcome in Spanish:


inoportuno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈwɛlkəm//ʌnˈwɛlkəm/


  • 1

    (visit) inoportuno
    (guest) inoportuno
    (guest) poco grato
    (news) desagradable
    (news) poco grato
    (suggestion) inoportuno
    (suggestion) fuera de lugar
    we were made to feel unwelcome nos hicieron sentir que estábamos de más
    • this extra cash is not unwelcome este dinero extra no nos vendrá mal
    • A woman traveling alone through the countryside may receive unwelcome attention from men.
    • As an added bonus, he appears as an unwelcome guest who knows too much about Rick's past.
    • The sense of being unwelcome to the Kosciusko National Park was strong.
    • I was about to ask Fred about when we were going to eat when a very unwelcome visitor arrived at our table.
    • To tell someone they are unwelcome is unpleasant and potentially hurtful and not something I would often do.
    • They have spent half a century in refugee camps, as Lebanon's unwelcome guests, and long to cross the border and return home.
    • This may be the most unwelcome advice Labor has received from a Kerr in thirty years but the party would be foolish to ignore it.
    • He still was an unwelcome visitor, no matter how much we talked or for how long.
    • At the University of Michigan he had to fight off the unwelcome attentions of Drew to win the starting quarterback's job.
    • The change in tone is unwelcome and does much to undermine many of the virtuoso moments that have come before.
    • The European Council is, in the words of Westlake, no longer an unwelcome guest but a valued colleague.
    • A Wardle company became home to some unwelcome guests over the weekend.
    • Latin America has suffered the unwelcome attentions of these institutions particularly acutely.
    • It was an unwelcome diversion that ultimately changed the rest of his life.
    • There's a disturbing pattern of exploitation here, which is unwelcome in a Member of Parliament.
    • Teachers can ask children to talk about what makes them feel unsafe or unwelcome in school.
    • Yet I approach this New Year's Eve with trepidation, for it will bring an unwelcome change.
    • Higher fuel prices can cause unwelcome rises in inflation, restrict economic growth and are unpopular with voters.
    • An earlier hearing attracted unwelcome attention from both broadsheet and tabloid media.
    • Even so, Microsoft has received some unwelcome attention for its pricing policies.
    • Victor was secondary, he wasn't family and had started out as an unwelcome house guest.
    • In part it is excitement or maybe rushing or just unfamiliarity, but it opens the way for unwelcome guests.
    • This may be a sign from various tutelary deities that we are unwelcome here.
    • The assault on Mr Wilson happened when Foster thought the man had made unwelcome advances to his girlfriend.
    • Landowners had said the unwelcome visitors would be told to go from the former Airtours site in Helmshore at the end of last week.
    • Then, as he finally readied himself on Tuesday morning to meet the Queen, he was greeted by some decidedly unwelcome news.
    • A christening was rudely interrupted when some unwelcome guests turned up at the car park of a Hampshire church.
    • It was felt as if we were unwelcome guests in someone else's house, who wasn't really happy with us being there.
    • It is difficult to put into words, but it is rather like the disappearance of a permanent unwelcome guest.
    • Today, for no good reason, I had a fit of the regrets, completely unjustified and totally unwelcome.
    • When they also did not report back in a timely manner, he knew the First Chair had an unwelcome visitor.
    • Beware of an unwelcome visitor or admirer who may take advantage of you.
    • I have been limiting myself to a slice a week to prevent any unwelcome changes in waist-size.
    • The entire town comes out from the party to greet the unwelcome visitor.
    • However, there is one unwelcome aspect that spring features that we get earlier as well.
    • This gives children protection against unwelcome intrusions into their privacy by the parents.
    • We had come in at a romantically charged moment, so our intrusion was especially unwelcome.
    • This has been my home for the past two years and now this unwelcome visitor seems set to spoil it.
    • I have in the intervening years had my tablets changed a few times, although I never suffered any unwelcome symptoms.
    • Yet many women know very little about this unpleasant and unwelcome condition.