Translation of unworkable in Spanish:


impracticable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈwərkəb(ə)l//ʌnˈwəːkəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (solution/plan) impracticable
    (plan/solution) no viable
    (mine) inexplotable
    • The New Zealand Aquaculture Council believes that the provision is unrealistic and unworkable.
    • She is not one to be put off simply by senior police officers saying policy is unworkable and impractical.
    • It is in nobody's interest that an unworkable scheme is introduced.
    • He said that it was more in farmers' interests than anyone else to have traceability but there was no point in trying to achieve that with a scheme that was unworkable.
    • It also doesn't help when companies come up with complex and unworkable investment schemes that people don't understand.
    • He said their proposals were too widely drawn, impractical and unworkable.
    • Part 3 introduces a scheme that is unworkable and unprincipled.
    • Critics say such a scheme is unworkable but already one example is working - or at least soon will be.
    • The scheme is expensive, confused, unworkable and unrealistic.
    • A theory that represents working practices as unworkable is a bad theory.
    • The bill was not just excessive but also expensive, not just illiberal but impractical, not just unnecessary but unworkable.
    • If this decision stands, your Honours, the whole scheme is unworkable.
    • This current system is unworkable, impractical and damaging to the physical and economic health of our once lovely Auld Grey Town.
    • The former Chief Inspector of Schools in Scotland has claimed his plans are unrealistic and unworkable.
    • Not only would it be impractical and unworkable, I doubt whether anyone could seriously believe it.
    • As the costs rise and the race hate builds and the unworkable, self-defeating new scheme unravels, Labor will be mute.
    • One of my greatest strengths has always been the ability to make the apparently impossibly unworkable work.
    • The film producer behind Chariots of Fire said the scheme was unworkable.
    • Tell me, do you feel that there's a risk that her next addition to the canon may make impossible or unworkable some of the things you've come to need in your extension?
    • Workers previously rejected the firm's plans to reduce staffing levels on a voluntary basis as impractical and unworkable.