Translation of unwritten in Spanish:


no escrito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈrɪtn//ʌnˈrɪt(ə)n/


  • 1

    (rule) no escrito
    (rule) sobreentendido
    (agreement) verbal
    (agreement) de palabra
    (constitution/law) basado en el derecho consuetudinario
    • It was founded in order to fight the unwritten law on the job market that discriminates against older employees.
    • Frontline police have been telling the Herald since last year that there was an unwritten message not to target gangs and drug labs because dealing with the labs was difficult and made crime statistics look bad.
    • Club rugby in New Zealand is played at breathtaking pace, and there is an unwritten code that anyone taking cheap shots will be dealt with by the opposition, and not by the referee.
    • Is there an unwritten media rule to promote the dumbed-down and pretentious culture of ‘real life’ TV shows at the expense of our indigenous culture?
    • Is there an unwritten code for bloggers that I am unaware of?
    • The distraught father killed him, and used the unwritten law as his defense.
    • Although ‘liaisons’ are not officially designated, the role is part of an honored, unwritten pact going back more than 100 years.
    • Citi's actions weren't illegal, but broke an unwritten understanding not to whipsaw markets or take advantage of the thin summer trading.
    • There are unwritten conventions governing professional bar conduct.
    • Although they're mostly unwritten, there is a canon of gym etiquette that all gym-goers should recognize.
    • Although official segregation was outlawed in the last century, in many respects it still exists in an unwritten, unspoken form.
    • Indeed, this rationale would render the unwritten doctrine of Marbury v. Madison itself invalid in cases involving the 21st Amendment.
    • Is there some unwritten requirement that when you go to a gig, if you don't have a T-shirt of a band performing, you have to wear another one with some other band in the ‘scene’ on it?
    • The current, unwritten, interpretation is that to qualify, individuals should have investments in shares or property amounting to a minimum of 3,500 leva.
    • They only saw their duty to resist oppression, to protect the weak, to vindicate the profound but unwritten Law of Nations, to testify to truth and justice and mercy among men.
    • Tough times take a tough hombre who can roll with the punches and fight back when necessary, and isn't afraid of violating some unwritten code by informing us of his opponent's flaws.
    • The unwritten but universally accepted industry standard for turnover time is 15 minutes.
    • Most members of the media follow a code - written or unwritten - that the method and location of suicide is not described, displayed or photographed.
    • Common Law was unwritten and represented the custom of the people.
    • In the unwritten code of the game, the players are to assume a certain level of risk and to take care of issues themselves without any outside help.
    • The Navajo's unwritten credo of adaptation is reflected in their weaving, from the use of wool obtained from sheep introduced by the Spanish, to the current use of both hand-spun and commercial wools.
    • Some researchers talk about a psychological contract that we have with our employer which includes the unspoken and unwritten expectations that employers and employees have of each other.
    • The unwritten societal ‘obligation’ that women must stay at home and men must come first in education, for instance, has left women with a lack of knowledge and thus deprived them of their rights.
    • One of the unwritten requirements for referees is comic timing.
    • We will come to that in the later arguments but this is all in the realm of the unwritten law.
    • It is a show about potential catastrophe and a lesson in how effortlessly any of us can slip from an unwritten code of human ethics into the self-perpetuating intoxication of brutality.