Translation of unzip in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌənˈzɪp//ʌnˈzɪp/

transitive verbunzipping, unzipped

  • 1

    could you unzip me/my dress? ¿me bajas la cremallera?
  • 2

    • This last location isn't actually much use, because you need a password to unzip the file, but it does show the driver's finished.
    • DiskJockey is one very powerful file utility for any user who needs to move, copy, delete, archive, unzip an archive file, or change file attributes.
    • If you unzip our sample document and load content.xml into a text editor, you should notice a few things.
    • To unzip a file, you need an unzipping utility like WinZip.
    • Download and unzip the tarball into your Web directory.

intransitive verbunzipping, unzipped

  • 1

    your dress has come unzipped se te ha bajado/abierto la cremallera (or el cierre etc.) del vestido
    • with a lining that unzips con un forro desmontable