Translation of up-and-under in Spanish:


globo, n.

Pronunciation //


  • 1

    (in rugby)
    globo masculine
    balón colgado masculine
    • He is particularly adept at hitting up-and-unders on the run - a kick which, because the recipient has to look to the heavens and wait on the catch, is seldom easy to return.
    • It was an up-and-under and he went to kick the ball just as Jim was going for it and his boot caught Jim on the head.
    • The Galway side barely made acquaintance with the Edinburgh 22 during the opening half-hour, their predilection for the up-and-under rarely backed up with decent pressure on the home bodies waiting for the ball to return to earth.
    • Despite many spirited runs by the away team, the ball was often squandered with clueless up-and-unders.
    • He sent up an huge up-and-under which he dropped, allowing him to slide over the try-line.