Translation of upfront in Spanish:


inicial, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌpˈfrʌnt//ˈʌpfrʌnt//ˌəpˈfrənt/


  • 1

    (costs/commitment) inicial
    • And of course - I mean, they're very upfront about this.
    • Mr Milne deserves credit of a sort for having the courage to be up front about where he stands.
    • The company, Ventracor, is upfront about its intentions.
    • Barbara Stickney, 52, landlady of The Phoenix Inn, George Street, said she was left without her bestselling Fosters Lager for two days when she was slightly late with an upfront payment.
    • Maybe you should have told him up front that he wouldn't get any close-up photos?
    • I happen to know a cop personally, and she is (as far as I know) an honest and upfront person on and off the job.
    • The Icelandic airline that flew passengers for collapsed tour operator JetGreen secured a substantial upfront payment and security deposit from the firm.
    • They are not cheap compared with traditional funds, which are moving towards abolishing upfront fees.
    • If every candidate was this upfront, the whole election process would be much more streamlined and less vicious.
    • Somehow the moral do-gooders need to be by passed and honest, upfront information needs to be given at the right time.
    • They were asked to support one another, to have conversations even when they were uncomfortable, and to be honest and upfront at all times.
    • There is a 3 per cent upfront brokerage fee in addition to an annual 1.5 per cent management charge.
    • I respect people who are up front with you if they have a problem and tell it to you to your face.
    • The Daily Show is more trusted because they are up front about their biases.
    • He was interested in an up front sum to cover his initial costs and then an ongoing royalty payment.
    • We know where they're coming from, and they are at least up front about it.
    • But they were very honest and upfront about the conditions of moviemaking.
    • The European deal should be worth a six-figure sum to the company, which will charge a small upfront fee and take a share of the revenue from every message sent by people playing the quiz game.
    • He is right to be up front with the British people about the perils we face.
    • The next day, O'Brien's solicitor sent a letter to another lawyer saying that the options being looked at by the department were either to have no upfront payment, or a maximum cap.
    • Some credit-card firms have started charging upfront fees to cardholders who wish to transfer balances from other cards.
    • We are straightforward and upfront about the cost of our policies and how we would pay for them.
    • This is the Prime Minister who is open, upfront, and accessible.
    • He said he understood, we shook hands and I felt I had acted with dignity and been up front and honest.
    • The minister has now given strong indications that he intends to propose a move to an Australian-type system of long-term loans or deferred payments, rather than a return to upfront fees.
    • I would like to say up front that the following answers are my opinions.
    • It is best to be up front and acknowledge to the person that we do not know what to say but that we want to stand by them just the same.
    • That is a very serious matter, and I believe the Government owes it to its people to be honest and upfront.
    • It's to give them some up front money to make sure they can do the things they need to do.
    • We may not agree with her philosophy in life, but at least she's honest, and upfront with her views.
  • 2informal

    (open, honest)
    (person/statement) franco
    (person/statement) abierto


  • 1

    por adelantado
    it'll cost $1,000, cash upfront va a costar 1.000 dólares, en efectivo y por adelantado
    • it means spending a lot upfront before seeing any return significa gastar un montón de dinero antes de ver ninguna ganancia