Translation of upgrade in Spanish:


ascender, v.

Pronunciation /ʌpˈɡreɪd//ˈəpˌɡreɪd//ˌəpˈɡreɪd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (raise status of)
    (employee) ascender
    (employee) elevar de categoría
    (job) elevar la categoría de
    (salaries) aumentar
    (salaries) mejorar
    they upgraded her to the status of assistant director la ascendieron a directora adjunta
    • they upgraded it to a three-star hotel lo subieron a la categoría de hotel de tres estrellas
    • she was upgraded to first class la cambiaron a primera clase
    • We understand many companies are focusing on upgrading systems rather than replacing them.
    • Prior to the visit major upgrading work was carried out on the local park and approach roads to Dunmore East.
    • The company will install reception facilities and container stacking equipment and upgrade the computer system.
    • All we're asking for is one-time help to upgrade our barns and equipment and increase the size of our herds.
    • The club will now embark on a massive fund raising drive to upgrade the club to modern day standards.
    • The clinic's objective is to upgrade the facility and improve the building.
    • Since then proprietors have upgraded their safety standards, Tipton said.
    • She has been upgraded to the advanced level which she is, naturally, absolutely thrilled about.
    • For better growing conditions, soil can be improved by adding upgraded black peat.
    • Mr Murto said that the rehabilitation was undertaken to improve and upgrade electricity distribution in the city.
    • The programme aimed to upgrade living conditions and improve economic development in the township.
    • Make sure you can upgrade your computer's memory as and when required.
    • It is hoped that safety at the existing pelican crossing can be improved as facilities are upgraded.
    • Sgt Vernon attended the open series and was upgraded to Level Six international level referee.
    • All proceeds from the night will go towards the cost of upgrading the equipment in the playground.
    • The renovations also provided the opportunity to upgrade the fire detection system.
    • It is aimed at raising much-needed funds to upgrade the zoo's facilities and to improve the welfare of all its animals.
    • Now committed players at the club have been asked to raise funds to replace and upgrade the facilities and the squad is to help build the uninsured structures.
    • The Council appears to be powerless to do anything to improve or upgrade them, said Mr Stanley.
    • Another task is to upgrade Internet, computer and telephone equipment.
    • They suspect staff of advising customers to make false claims to replace and upgrade old phones.
    • The process of improving and upgrading your home is not fun at all.
  • 2

    (facilities) mejorar
    (service/computer) elevar el nivel de prestaciones de
    (software) actualizar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    it provides the flexibility to upgrade later cuenta con la ventaja de poder ser actualizado posteriormente
    • would you like to upgrade to a larger car? ¿le gustaría pasar a tener un coche más grande?
    • I would like to upgrade to Club Class quisiera cambiar mi billete por uno de clase club


  • 1

    • 1.1(rise in status)

      (of employee) ascenso masculine
      (of job) aumento de categoría masculine
      (of salaries) aumento masculine
      (of salaries) mejora feminine
      • Although there is no specific date for the speed upgrade, the technology will be fully in place this fall.
      • On one or two occasions Qantas ground staff have gone out of their way to rearrange my travel when bad weather messed up flight schedules in Europe, giving me some much appreciated free upgrades in the process.
      • The fact the Durham University site already had its own changing rooms helped to keep the cost of the upgrade down.
      • He could pay his crew's salary for five years with the rest and still have room for system upgrades.
      • Most hotels are offering added value to customers in the form of complimentary room upgrades, treatments, facilities and services.
      • Hotels might be willing to give you breakfast, a round of golf or a room upgrade.
      • If the Executive is determined to spend extra money on roads, it should be spent on essential upgrades and good quality long-term maintenance work and not on more damaging and unsustainable new roads.
      • To fix the bugs, Cisco is offering free software upgrades for various versions of its operating system, all of which are affected by the problem.
      • I will move out a week later and Bryn will get the best upgrade possible, from the smallest room to the second-biggest but most sunny room.
      • But as Samuel spoke of upgrades, he stopped short of plans for room expansion.
      • The Jaywick Action Group, set up last year to call for upgrades to roads, lighting and infrastructure as well as a crack down on crime, has also taken a series of photographs highlighting the main issues they face.
      • A key feature of the upgrade is the restoration of the original twin ponds.
      • Well, I thought you might have got a room upgrade.
      • The offer entitles readers to a complimentary upgrade of room, from a standard double to a Hallmark / Delux room.
      • The upgrades include work to waiting rooms, toilets and shelters as well as CCTV at some stations including Ingatestone.
      • A manager will often offer an upgrade, such as a room with a view, to keep guests happy.
      • The rate was $120 a night, and we got a free upgrade to a larger room for booking over the Internet.
      • Silver, Gold and Premier Card holders receive all these benefits plus discounted room rates, upgrades and late check-out.
      • They have already built up an ever-growing database of fans - including details of more than 2,000 young supporters - who will no doubt benefit from these upgrades.
      • While certain rooms could do with a decorative upgrade, this is a very impressive property in a convenient location.
      • A series of upgrades at the hotel have included a new sauna and steam room, new carpet in the gym and new furniture in the pub and Salingers restaurant.
      • People change jobs as often as Microsoft launches a software upgrade.

    • 1.2(improvement)

      mejora feminine

    • 1.3Computing

      actualización feminine

  • 2US

    subida feminine
    cuesta feminine