Translation of upland in Spanish:


tierras altas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəplənd//ˈəpˌlænd//ˈʌplənd/


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    tierras altas feminine
    before noun upland regions tierras altas feminine
    • The uplands support a rich mixture of heather moorland, grassland and animals; maintaining these habitats relies upon grazing - at the right levels.
    • The county is predominantly heavily glaciated mountains and uplands with a coast of cliffs and bays.
    • In addition, extensive areas of marsh and bog covered parts of the lowlands in addition to extensive areas of the uplands.
    • The surface itself is a barren desert of extensive plains, rolling uplands and mountains, dotted with impact craters.
    • Seas closed, uplands emerged, volcanic activity took place, and the entire continental margin grew by the addition of these new terrains.
    • There are more than eight thousand lakes, mostly in the uplands.
    • Most lie along deserted hillsides in the uplands, just beyond the margins of modern agriculture.
    • Both in the uplands and the lowlands insects continued to represent an astonishing diversity of forms.
    • Today's popular continental beef cattle aren't suitable for the uplands of the Dales.
    • The weather is sunny and warm, averaging in the 70s year-round, but nighttime temperatures in the uplands may dip into the 60s.
    • This takes into account different farming conditions in different parts of the uplands, but there's still a lot to do.
    • Dated bones found in caves at the western edge of the limestone uplands have been taken as evidence of rituals that involved adult skulls and other body parts along with animal bones.
    • Both uplands and lowlands possess a variety of soils.
    • West Yorkshire, with its urban areas fringed by countryside and uplands, faces a wide range of problems.
    • The north-east of England is a land where uplands and lowlands meet, and are never far apart.
    • The landscape of coastal Massachusetts is a mixture of wooded uplands, rocky outcrops, and long, low meadows that sweep down to the sea.
    • The communities are divided into three main categories: gorges, plateau uplands, and disturbed areas.
    • As ‘hill people,’ they traditionally have been associated with hills and uplands in the Deccan Peninsula.
    • He continued to be attracted to the Scottish uplands and became leader of the college hill walking group.
    • Nobody has convincingly explained how the birds, bees, flowers and hares of the uplands can coexist with a new influx of humans.