Translation of upload in Spanish:


carga, n.

Pronunciation: /ʌpˈləʊd//ˈəpˌloʊd/


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    carga feminine
    subida feminine
    • The upload took about 2 minutes over my broadband connection.
    • Broadband users value fast upload speeds as well as fast download speeds.
    • Within a day I had exceeded my free upload limit and needed to buy a larger account.
    • The only way to add more than one photo at once is to select each photo individually in separate upload fields.
    • Users can continue to use the web-based file upload utility gratis, but this can be slow, reader Helen Cain points out.
    • For some reason I could see only the spellchecker and the image upload buttons on the editing toolbar.
    • Upload speed is vital because you can send video and audio only as quickly as your upload speed, not your download.
    • For example, in just the past 2 years my download and upload speeds have increased five fold.
    • The upload took a couple of hours.
    • As mentioned before, each has its own file upload section and message board.
    • Andrew attempted to start the upload of Gem River only to discover that he could only upload one game at a time per client.
    • Just sign up for an account and use our upload tool to send your videos to Google.
    • The fast upload speed would suit businesses transferring large documents such as contracts or software code.

transitive verb

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