Translation of upright in Spanish:


vertical, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈəpˌraɪt//ˈʌprʌɪt/


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    (position/post) vertical
    (posture) derecho
    (posture) erguido
    to place/stand sth upright colocar/poner algo de pie / vertical
    • sit upright siéntate derecho
    • he held himself upright throughout the ceremony se mantuvo erguido durante toda la ceremonia
    • He said Easter Island now has some trees and many of the statues have been brought to an upright position again.
    • Before I was fully upright, a powerful surge of pain engulfed my body.
    • It is a typical stone row, comprising a line of upright stone slabs, constructed about 2000 bc as a ceremonial site.
    • Flips were pretty basic, but basically you angled the tip of the board up and then brought it around in a circle until you were upright again.
    • Make sure your tray tables are in the upright position.
    • When we parted she was upright, energised, smiling and laughing.
    • Next she returns to an upright position and repeats the rotation with her arms extended overhead, rotating toward her left side and then her right.
    • When he realised what had happened, he groaned and stood slowly, removing the chair from under him before looking over to me and glaring as he returned it to an upright position.
    • But suddenly, instead of finding herself laying in the filth, she was shocked to find she was still upright.
    • She's in very good condition, in an upright position on the seabed.
    • This variation of a traditional hitch rack allows you to carry three to four bikes in an upright position, making the loading and unloading of bikes a breeze.
    • The man finally stands up and slowly pulls his motorbike into an upright position.
    • Within a matter of seconds, he was snoring as if he were not upright in a car, but lying comfortably in his own bed.
    • When I was finally upright, I was almost trembling with pain, but I had only come close to yelping once.
    • She drew herself back to an upright position, exhaling.
    • Suddenly she was brought to an upright position, blood rushed back down from her previously upside down head, before it came back up to flame her pale face.
    • Instead, it will be placed in an upright position next to the speaker.
    • Then I heard a choking noise and when I came into the lounge I found Lee stuck under the chair which was in its normal upright position.
    • It clicks into place in an upright position when needed.
    • This space is large enough to accommodate four large Samsonite suitcases in an upright position.
    • Each gate will have the ability to revolve on a hinge, from a horizontal resting position on the bottom of the sea to an upright position rising above sea level.
    • The sidecar is free to pivot relative to the bike, so the bike can lean, steer, even fall over, while the sidecar maintains its upright position.
    • There may be less room in the front, but it still offers comfort and space for driver and passenger alike, and a pleasantly upright driving position gives you a sense of command.
    • Today, the stones lie flat and it is uncertain whether they were ever upright; excavations in 1901-2 failed to reveal any sockets.
    • Encourage the stem that will form the new plant to grow straight by gently bending it into an upright position and attaching it to a cane.
    • Please return all seatbacks to their full upright position.
    • He was upright immediately, staring at her in shock.
    • Horseriding is an excellent antidote for those of us who slouch, since stomach muscles must be kept tight in order to maintain an upright position in the saddle.
    • She was being dragged straight towards the water when she pulled her knees up to her chest and heaved with her feet, regaining an upright position.
    • By sitting in a relaxed upright position, you make effective use of your vestibular system, which helps us to maintain balance.
    • Though she was upright, the blood seemed to be rushing from her head.
    • A few of them looked up at this lone upright figure, wading through the masses, but they didn't pay him much heed.
    • With barbell in hand, and squeezing with your hamstrings, raise your body to an upright position.
    • The bathroom, for example, has a bath that can be moved in an upright position, aromatic oils and special music can be added.
    • As soon as she was upright again, she began running as fast as she could along the ridge, angling uphill and away from the river.
    • The colossal white columns, which lean forward 20 centimeters, will be returned to their upright position.
    • He was upright in an instant, huffing and puffing with such violence that his entire body seemed to quake and quiver with every breath.
    • There was also a family of four, a tall, upright man with fair hair, and a woman beside him who was plump and dark-haired.
    • It usually perches in a diagonal rather than upright position.
    • These are placed in an upright position with their mouths upward, stopped up with seaweed or imperishable grass, and covered with earth.
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    (character/citizen) recto
    • It attempts, in parallels, to raise serious political and emotional questions about the moral predicament of the present day upright people.
    • Corruption like all other vices is a moral issue and we feel that the public can avoid being accomplices if they are morally upright.
    • I could also extend effective protection to upright officers who happened to displease powerful politicians.
    • It is lamentable that the defendant has to pay such a disastrous price to be an upright person.
    • She was upright, Scottish and religious, and dominated my young life. She read to me for hours and gave me my faith, and I'm grateful to Nana for that.
    • The vast majority of them are decent, upright people who share our horror at what has happened.
    • Faultless and upright people have been killed.
    • Being of upright character is not at all a prerequisite for being a pop star.
    • This is the engaging story of an upright man's quest to protect his family, find love, and see justice done.
    • A fine noble gentleman, honest and upright, he gained the respect of everybody.
    • Born in Warwickshire, she was the daughter of a land agent whose moral qualities are reflected in those of the upright Adam Bede.
    • We need upright people in the council because there is important work to do.
    • Job recovered in the end, but many just, upright men do not.
    • When officials are upright and vigilant, drivers will be extra cautious.
    • Most business people are upright citizens; but that does not change the fact that business is conducted for private gain and not for public benefit.
    • He seemed a decent fellow - honest, upright, considerate, and willing to put others before himself.
    • Its employment roster is a roll-call of upright citizens.
    • John was a much loved and respected member of the community, known for his upright and honest nature.
    • She was always kind, and he certainly loved eating her cookies, which he was fed fairly often, but she always made James slightly nervous, in that she was extremely upright all the time.
    • A somber, upright man, he is interested only in truth and justice.


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    Architecture Building montante masculine
    (of bookcase) soporte vertical masculine
    (of goal) poste masculine
    • He worked his hands up the carved stone uprights and grunted as he got a knee over the balcony's lip and rolled over the railing.
    • Near the centre was a tall standing stone now marked by a concrete obelisk, adjacent to which was a short straight line of stones which may have formed one side of a square around the central upright.
    • The timbers were the uprights of wattle fences, the complex containing up to 100,000 square feet or 30,500 square metres of fencing, some of which still survives.
    • Carefully I climbed over the rickety fence, just wooden poles slung between uprights.
    • Fires have burnt most of the uprights to charred stumps but the thick wooden corner posts are still intact.
    • Make sure safety bars are inserted into the uprights.
    • The ‘smart’ fence uses breakable metal pins inserted between the top pole and the uprights supporting it.
    • Now the two floors of the restaurant are laid out around the stout timber uprights which support the internal floors.
    • The spaces between the posts are filled in with redwood patterned inserts or detailed uprights that can alternate in size for extra design interest.
    • The drive wheel is held by a pair of short posts, and the uprights and spokes are very ornately turned.
    • Hutton Mount Limited reported the removal of the horizontal barrier in a recent newsletter and said the bollards and uprights were to remain standing as a ‘very effective speed restriction’.
    • Typical of the Medway group of long barrows, it comprises three large uprights supporting a single massive capstone.
    • The winds, which had now swung south-east sent great waves over those who still clung to anything they could get a grip on, such as chains, steel uprights or iron support bars.
    • A locked metal gate supported by two thick concrete uprights stood in the way.
    • In this case, there are four antennas mounted on each of the three upright support structures.
    • The most common arch form is constructed of steel uprights supported in concrete-filled oil drums, with a trellised head spanning the road.
  • 2also upright piano

    piano vertical masculine