Translation of upriver in Spanish:


río arriba, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌəpˈrɪvər//ʌpˈrɪvə/


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    río arriba
    a few miles upriver (from London) a unas millas (de Londres) río arriba
    • In the 18th century, Dublin Bay was considered a dangerous place for ships trying to enter the river Liffey and move upriver to the city centre.
    • Already by 1760 some upriver communities were calling on the Nova Scotia government to restrict net fishing at the mouths of rivers.
    • From Iquitos, it is an all-day boat ride upriver to the Rainforest Lodge.
    • If there has been a torrential downpour upriver, it will have an affect on water levels.
    • This paper is based on field research in the mid-1990s in a remote upriver Kayan community on the Baram River in Sarawak, East Malaysia.
    • Justina is spending her spare time visiting upriver longhouses where whole communities live under one roof in some cases surrounded by skulls which hang from the rafters as a grisly reminder of days past.
    • It is not known in detail to what extent grayling move around in a river system, though some believe that they follow salmon upriver during spawning to feed on their eggs.
    • The drawing included a lake, parkland, retail outlets, a middle school and housing that would serve as a gateway to upriver trails and bikeways.
    • One clever sea lion found his way into one of the dam's fish ladders, which allow salmon to bypass the dam's power station on their way to spawning grounds upriver.
    • They headed south, upriver past Red Buttes, and camped at a grassy spot a few miles above the mouth of what is now called Bates Creek.
    • This became increasingly difficult as the boat worked its way upriver because the river narrowed and became more unpredictable.
    • Russian sturgeon are caught at the end of their reproductive cycle, when they have left the sea and started swimming upriver to spawn: their eggs are riper, softer and older.
    • They reach the river, and Bill goes upriver to fly-fish, and Jake stays to use the worms.
    • And as she sailed upriver, she became the first Royal Navy warship to pass under the new Millennium Bridge - the ‘winking eye’.
    • They spend three to five years in the ocean, then make a difficult journey back upriver to spawn.
    • He watched them disappear upriver and they watched him drift back toward civilization.
    • As the wind tried to blow us away, we struggled upriver towards a lone hawthorn bush where the river made a right hand sweep, it was an area where I had caught decent chub in the past.
    • I live on the Hudson, a tidal river with a wedge of salt flowing upriver under the surface.
    • Waterfowl, such as the gaudy mandarin duck, no longer nest in its wetlands; fish have been driven upriver or out to sea, or have gone extinct.
    • On many rivers of the region, upriver residents had been defending their rights to a share of the river fisheries since the earliest days of settlement.