Translation of upset in Spanish:


disgustado, adj.

Pronunciation: /ʌpˈsɛt//ˌəpˈsɛt/


  • 1

    (unhappy, hurt) disgustado
    (distressed) alterado
    (offended) ofendido
    (disappointed) desilusionado
    he would be most upset to hear you talk like that se disgustaría mucho si te oyera hablar así
    • she's upset because he hasn't come home yet está muy preocupada / inquieta porque todavía no ha vuelto a casa
    • she's upset because they left without saying goodbye está muy ofendida porque se fueron sin despedirse
    • Dan and I were understandably upset about our fathers passing, as our mother had passed many years before.
    • Limpopo farmers, who have been particularly hard hit by the drought, are extremely upset about the decision.
    • I told him I was very upset about the incident and that management should call me.
    • She was crying and apparently she was very upset.
    • I am deeply upset and sorry that this happened and I hope the injured person makes a full recovery.
    • I remember how upset she looked leaving the ballroom.
    • Oh, I never saw him upset about anything, but he got upset that day.
    • I got these nasty text messages from my so-called friends and I was really upset about it.
    • Manufacturers are also upset about the decline of the tradition.
    • Everyone here is quite upset about the whole thing.
    • I was upset and distraught - I had no one around who could give me some support - but very quickly I got angry and sent an email to Geoff Hoon complaining about the decision.
    • Launching a staunch defence of his actions, Mr Ferris said that he and his family were deeply upset and angry at the inference made in the front-page report in the Sunday World.
    • And they were very clearly upset about the arrests.
    • Others were also upset about Anderson's division of the resource.
    • She was more upset about the effect on her family than herself.
    • The upset father said he was not only worried about the physical injuries but also the mental trauma that would probably plague the boy for years to come.
    • At Monday's meeting Cllr Deering stated that he was ‘very upset and angered that someone would go off to the media and publicly ridicule me’.
    • I was quite upset about the article on pilots' salaries.
    • Her eyes were red from crying, and her brothers looked worried, yet upset and angry.
    • There are many in the party who are desperately and bitterly upset about what happened to Simon Crean, so they are not happy about having to choose another leader.
  • 2

    I have an upset stomach ando mal del estómago
    • A person with the condition feels full after a small meal and experiences bouts of nausea, upset stomach and bloating.
    • It seems lately just about anything I eat gives me an upset stomach.
    • Plus, having food in your belly can lower your chances of upset stomach, which vitamins can sometimes cause.
    • Avoid raw vegetables (like salads) and fruits (especially citrus), which are difficult for an upset stomach to digest.
    • And your family doctor is usually so busy anyway it may take more than a day to get an appointment - by which time your headache, upset stomach or dodgy back may be already on the mend.
    • Well over half of the expedition were evacuated with insect bites and upset stomachs during the four months it took to get the vehicles through.
    • It was later explained that she had been suffering from an upset stomach.
    • No one suffered serious injuries, but one of the victims did complain of a badly upset stomach for more than 24 hours.
    • ‘Some antibiotics tend to upset the stomach so if you take them with food there is more of a chance you would suffer an upset stomach,’ he said.
    • There can be side effects, including headache, dizziness, heartburn and upset stomach.
    • Minor side effects are usually an upset stomach, nausea, and dizziness.
    • An upset stomach stopped him from training on Tuesday and Wednesday but he is back in action now.
    • It costs pennies, and its side effect is an upset stomach.
    • Place 1 drop of Peppermint oil in 1/2 glass of water, sip slowly to aid digestion and relieve an upset stomach.
    • She said Kieran had not gone to school that day because he had an upset stomach and new braces on his teeth were hurting.
    • The same goes for greasy foods, which can be difficult to digest and can cause upset stomach and heartburn.
    • The spokesman said that visitors can also be asked not to take fruit on to the ward if patients are suffering from upset stomachs.
    • However, its side effects consist of tiredness, upset stomach, nervousness, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating.
    • The court heard Mr Stones and Miss Collins felt no ill effects but Mr Gill suffered an upset stomach and diarrhoea and headache and had to take a day off work.
    • Travellers' tales of upset stomachs are all too common in this part of the world for those foolish enough to risk salads or the local water.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hurt) disgustar
    (distress) alterar
    (distress) afectar
    (offend) ofender
    the bad news/his death/the divorce upset her a lot la mala noticia/su muerte/el divorcio la afectó muchísimo
    • please try not to upset the patient procuren que el paciente no se excite / se altere
    • there's no point in upsetting your parents: don't tell them about the accident para qué disgustar a tus padres; no les cuentes lo del accidente
    • his thoughtlessness/rudeness upset her le molestó su desconsideración/grosería
    • why upset yourself? he didn't mean it ¿por qué te lo tomas a mal? no lo hizo a propósito
  • 2

    (make ill)
    it upsets my stomach me sienta mal (al estómago)
  • 3

    (throw into disorder)
    (calculations/plans) desbaratar
    (plans/calculations) trastornar
    (equanimity) afectar
    (equanimity) perturbar
    to upset the balance of sth desequilibrar algo
  • 4

    (knock over)
    (cup/jug) volcar
    (milk/contents) derramar
    (boat) volcar


  • 1

    (disturbance, upheaval)
    trastorno masculine
    the upset involved in moving house el trastorno que supone una mudanza
    • a big upset to their plans un gran revés / contratiempo para sus planes
  • 2

    (emotional trouble)
    disgusto masculine
    she's had a bit of an upset ha tenido un disgusto
  • 3

    Politics Sport
    (surprise result)
    sorpresa feminine
    (defeat) derrota inesperada feminine
  • 4

    to have a stomach upset estar mal del estómago