Translation of upside in Spanish:


lado positivo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəpˌsaɪd//ˈʌpsʌɪd/


  • 1

    (positive aspect)
    lado positivo masculine
    • This kind of dramatic scene does tend to have a positive upside in that respect.
    • The upside is that there is this great flourishing of ideas and experimentation and efforts to try things, and fertility research has advanced an enormous amount.
    • For me, there is an upside, a project I've been approached to work on has, inherently, some element of Maori music, its history and its direction.
    • The upside of working with your other half is that you get unbeatable teamwork, says John Jones, who has run his interior design business with wife Julie for 18 years.
    • I can see an upside to this situation however, you'll get to test, sell, and buy things that other people much more creative than you or I have created.
    • Although boys are less articulate - they tend to express feelings via a thump or a hug - the upside of boys' physicality is that they're cuddly and physically demonstrative.
    • On the upside, holiday plans are slowly forming.
    • The only upside that I could see to the situation was that since I couldn't go home for the holiday, I could spend it with Rob.
    • He also tried to find an upside to his situation, but to no avail.
    • The obvious upside of being self-employed is that you can sleep in on any day you please.
    • That seemed pretty bad news on the face of it, but Mayor Glenn Everready, always one to seek the most positive side of a situation, suddenly realized that there was an upside to this downturn.
    • But free trade also comes with a significant upside for our country, an upside most Democratic pols would rather not discuss today.
    • On the upside, however, we managed to travel for a whole eleven minutes before having to stop the train ‘because of a problem with the engine’.
    • The overwhelming upside to the book is its visual aspect, and this is strong enough to counterbalance the flaws in the text.
    • We never were quite sure what the upside was, were we?
    • But on the upside, here are the best birthday presents I have received.
    • On the upside, I just discussed with my AP Government class how a poll can skew results by how they phrase a question and how important it was to be polling on salient issues.
    • There's obviously an upside to all this (which I'll get round to talking about at some stage soon) but there's definitely a large amount of grieving to be done.
    • I guess they were originally very disappointed, or continually disappointed because the price of zinc has continued to rise, so that they've been left out of the upside.
    • Rational salaried managers thus tend to be too risk-averse because they do not benefit from the upside of risk.
  • 2

    (of price movements)
    tendencia alcista feminine
    • ‘All I see in their future is downside risk and very little upside potential,’ she says.
    • Recent number releases have tended to be upside surprises that were positive for stocks and negative for bonds.
    • Right now, we think that the weight of the evidence shows that, at best, the upside potential for most stocks to continue the gains of the last five quarters is marginal at best.
    • Grafton's share price is currently undervalued and has much upside potential, according to a number of analysts.
    • Already prepared for the worst on yields by the company's forecasts, the upside potential for investors is evident too.
    • However, as the upside potential is exacerbated, so is the downside risk.
    • The company is still trading at a discount to its peers so Dilger's confidence in the upside potential for the shares probably isn't misplaced.
    • First, it said on economic growth that ‘over the next few quarters the upside and downside risks to the attainment of sustainable growth are roughly equal’.
    • So their upside potential is not as great as conventional hedge funds, but the downside is more protected.
    • Restricted stock has much less upside potential.
    • However, the share placing is expected to satisfy the current demand for the stock, which will limit the upside potential in the shares over the short term.
    • Even so, stockpickers see continued upside potential.
    • Vodafone has a decent record and some analysts think its shares have much upside potential.
    • The company firmly believes there is a lot of upside movement to its stock and this was the best vehicle to take advantage of that.
    • Some investment products provide high potential for upside performance while safeguarding the net capital invested over a specified term.
    • A lot of the upside forecast by Salomon is based on a sale of the US operation which it hasn't confirmed it will do.
    • The downside risk is minimal compared to the upside potential.
    • For example, if a company is paying a dividend, the investor can get both this dividend and any upside if the share rebounds.
    • But, as things stand, he is not offering current shareholders of Eircom a share in that upside potential.
    • Leverage increases volatility as investors run for cover when they feel threatened and pile in regardless on the upside swing.