Translation of upstairs in Spanish:


arriba, adv.

Pronunciation /ʌpˈstɛːz//ˌəpˈstɛrz/


  • 1

    to be upstairs estar arriba
    • to go upstairs subir
    • he hasn't got much upstairs no tiene mucho caletre / coco / en la azotea


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    piso de arriba masculine
    planta de arriba feminine
    (rooms/window) (before noun) del piso de arriba
    (rooms/window) (before noun) de arriba
    it hasn't got an upstairs tiene un solo piso / una sola planta
    • On that occasion Jason, then four, smelt the smoke and the family escaped but the upstairs of the house was badly damaged and Miss Russell remembered the advice firemen gave her then.
    • The flames spread through the ceiling and completely destroyed the upstairs including various items of property from clothes and furniture to mobile phones.
    • The parents had thrown the child to the passer-by, who caught it as they struggled to escape from the thick smoke which had engulfed the upstairs of their Cook Street home.
    • As a side note, I love the upstairs of most coffee places.
    • The two-storeyed common area has an office room, a hall, dining rooms and a large kitchen and a work area on the ground floor and guest rooms and a hall on the upstairs.
    • The kitchen suffered nearly 70 per cent fire damage and the rest of the ground floor and part of upstairs were also affected.
    • Chip was standing at the foot of the stairs, as the upstairs emptied quickly.
    • Polished wooden floors cover the upstairs of the house.
    • We have spent quite a lot of time and money on decorating the ground floor and the upstairs was in pretty good condition.
    • An overheated tumble dryer is thought to have caused the blaze, which spread from the kitchen to the upstairs of the rented house, at about 2am.
    • The ground floor includes a bar and lounge, and the upstairs could be converted into a restaurant or function room, subject to planning permission.
    • But then again, he never sat for 45 minutes on the upstairs of a London bus packed with passengers, slowly snailing up the Walworth Road.
    • The victim went with the man to look at the water under the sink and he believes it was at this point a second suspect entered the open front door and searched the upstairs of the house, finding the money in a spare bedroom.