Translation of upstanding in Spanish:


cabal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌəpˈstændɪŋ//ʌpˈstandɪŋ/


  • 1

    (honest, responsible)
    • They are potentially fine upstanding members of the community.
    • The fine upstanding members of the city council were only doing their job, and it's the job that we elected them to do.
    • A human rights solicitor said that burglars had the same human rights as upstanding members of the community.
    • But he consistently strove to be an upstanding member of society, to raise a healthy family, and to make a meaningful contribution to the world.
    • He was a man of good character, a religious man and an upstanding member of the public.
    • It's nice to know what a fine upstanding member of society he finds me.
    • People - apparently respectable, upstanding people - actually justifying these unspeakable crimes.
    • You are upstanding members of the community who feel passionately about something.
    • These people are modest, upstanding, hard-working honest people and a lot of us could learn a lesson or two from them in how to treat both man and animals.
    • Mr Watts-Jones told the court his client had outgrown the misbehaviour of his youth and become an upstanding member of the community, with a respectable job, a wife and two teenage children.
    • You used to be such an upstanding member of your community.
    • For more than four decades the father-of-two lived as a devoted family man, successful businessman and upstanding member of the community in rural Buchlyvie, Stirlingshire.
    • He clearly was neither a law-abiding person nor an upstanding member of the local community.
    • She had changed the story about my father into one in which he seemed more like a hero or an upstanding member of society struggling against an addiction and winning.
    • We have upstanding members of our society, citizens who are willing to toe the line and know what the law is.
    • But I think it came at a moment when Americans were particularly hungry for someone they could perceive as honest, upstanding, and a hero.
    • An upstanding member of the community who has been deeply involved in prison matters for many years called me in distress just a month or so ago.
    • Luckily, he succeeded, and is now an upstanding member of society.
    • Now that I found out he was an upstanding and respected police officer, I felt so helplessly worthless.
    • But neither of the victims, he concedes, were the most honest and upstanding of people.
  • 2formal

    (on one's feet)
    de pie
    en pie formal
    the court will be upstanding la sala se pondrá en pie formal