Translation of upstream in Spanish:


río arriba, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈʌpstriːm//ˌəpˈstrim/


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    río arriba
    corriente arriba
    two miles upstream (from here) a dos millas río arriba (de aquí)
    • to swim upstream nadar río arriba / contra la corriente
    • It felt heavy as it hugged the bottom, slowly moving out in the flow then upstream.
    • He had the right to have that river run through his land unimpaired and its quality undiminished except where it resulted from reasonable use of the river upstream.
    • Sitting 100 miles upstream of where the river pours into the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans quickly became an important port.
    • The agency expects to take about a month to complete the work, which will involve gaining access to the river over footpaths upstream of Alma Weir.
    • The 30 ft-long fin whale was in danger of being beached on a mud bank in a shallow river upstream from Oysterhaven.
    • The company had three other projects upstream of the river.
    • Lava flowing into waterways could create a hazard in the rivers upstream and enough ash would be carried by the wind to endanger aircraft and communities in the wind's direction.
    • Two large streams joined the Tomahawk River approximately one-half mile upstream from the dam.
    • As we continued upstream the river narrowed between vertical rock banks and at the Lower Force dropped in a single sheet.
    • An observation deck on a bend in the river is available so that visitors may enjoy both upstream and down stream vistas.
    • The moon is beginning to rise over the river and the city center is visible upstream where the river bends.
    • When the medieval bridge was replaced with New London Bridge in 1831, the river could flow freely further upstream.
    • In the August sunshine the salmon battle their way upstream against the fast flowing creek.
    • For boats leaving the canal and heading upstream to York, that means waiting until the ebb tide turns to flood, and the current reverses to flow back upstream.
    • If you swim upstream in the river and struggle against the flow you give yourself a hard time and achieve nothing.
    • Water periodically released from upstream dams kill river crops downstream that grow on natural silt embankments in the summer months when the river's tide is out.
    • Follow the river upstream, ignoring another path to the left, and drop down to a weir and boardwalk by the river that leads to a track.
    • A small village, 11 km upstream the Lidder River, is a beautiful locality.
    • After the long, straight stretch the river continues on upstream for many more kilometres.
    • By January 4, angling clubs were reporting difficulties as the River Ouse was frozen upstream of Rawcliffe.