Translation of upsurge in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈəpˌsərdʒ//ˈʌpsəːdʒ/


  • 1

    upsurge of/in sth aumento de/en algo masculine
    • there's a general upsurge of interest in his work hay un renovado interés por su obra
    • In a cyclical pattern, relatively secular periods have been followed by religious upsurges.
    • Sadly there has been a recent upsurge in the number of preachers on the television asking for money.
    • Registration data highlights a recent upsurge in inflow of doctors to the country
    • Fox argues that a new village development plan is needed to cater for the upsurge in interest in living in the area.
    • The placing of the one tax on land values would likewise result in an economic upsurge.
    • An apparent upsurge in juvenile delinquency heightened concerns about teenagers.
    • In this area there was an upsurge of helicopter activity and foot patrols.
    • Intercommunal fighting continued fitfully, with occasional upsurges of intense violence.
    • He rejected claims that nightclubs are big contributors to an upsurge in drinking and street violence.
    • The recent upsurge in violence had forced a decision to cancel the scheduled tour, Merriman said.
    • In recent weeks there has been an upsurge in optimism about our economic prospects.
    • This increase in property market activity is clear from the latest lending figures which show an upsurge in the last few months.
    • The month of June has seen a big upsurge in visitors to the area.
    • The attack came amid a major upsurge in violence across the country that has left a thousand dead.
    • One of the reasons for the recent upsurge of ethnic violence is to be found in the failure of modern states to separate warring factions.
    • Antique jewellery is another area where demand has seen an enormous upsurge in recent years.
    • Analysts expect the collapse of peace talks to spark an upsurge in violence.
    • If they do that, they say that yes there will be a sudden upsurge in violence but it will only be short-term.
    • Rural areas are also reporting a boom in sales figures largely due to an upsurge in tourism because of the good summer.
    • With crime down, the city was experiencing an unprecedented upsurge in population after decades of drift.