Translation of urban in Spanish:


urbano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈəːb(ə)n//ˈərbən/



  • 1

    (area/community) urbano
    (life) urbano
    (life) en las urbes
    urban studies estudios de urbanismo masculine
    • urban warfare la guerrilla urbana
    • a program of urban renewal un programa de remodelación urbana
    • the urban poor los pobres de las ciudades
    • It is one of only two formal ways for members of the rural population to move to urban areas.
    • The town was one of the six fastest growing urban areas in Ireland, according to the last census.
    • I'm becoming increasingly interested in urban design and town planning, mainly as a consumer.
    • The city's own official urban designer, Sir Terry Farrell, called the scheme a disaster.
    • The masterplan for Bradford aims to breathe new life into the city through an urban park, a lake and wetlands.
    • Ballina Town Council has drawn up new by-laws to amend speed limits on urban roads in the town.
    • The development would either be an urban extension of the town or a new village.
    • They live in a suburb of Boston in a mansion that looks like an urban city library.
    • Apart from such forest types one can see this tree in urban and suburban areas close to the city, he adds.
    • It sees the area around City Hall as a lake and the rest of the city as a vast urban park with shops, houses and a dramatic bridge of learning.
    • It is a dense city with distinct urban cores, practical and delightful to traverse on foot.
    • He says the action is in the cities, where urban elites are the future of the country.
    • The growth in population is part of the city council's urban development strategy.
    • We need to preserve places we can go to when we need to get away from the lunacy of urban, busy cities.
    • We both grew up in the city and are urban girls who love the country.
    • If you compare the urban areas of the two towns, they have very similar funding levels.
    • A massive migration from rural to urban areas characterized the twentieth century.
    • The growth of large civilisations has meant that large cities and urban areas have been built in many parts of the world.
    • Dublin was the earliest of the Irish towns to take on urban characteristics.
    • It may come as a surprise to city dwellers, but urban environments could be the ideal place for humans to live.