Translation of user in Spanish:


usuario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjuzər//ˈjuːzə/


  • 1

    usuario masculine
    usuaria feminine
    before noun user group grupo de usuarios masculine
    • user identification nombre de usuario
    • These functions also operate independently providing the user with complete control.
    • The group wants users or potential users of the car park to come forward with more ideas.
    • The phone user will then press a single button to put them through to an operator who can connect them with the number they want to dial.
    • It will sport a trio of TV tuners enabling users to record three programmes simultaneously.
    • Irish computer users have so far escaped the latest virus spreading over the internet.
    • That seems to be interesting for some car users but is troublesome for most of us.
    • The mobile operators are also treading uncertain ground where business users are concerned.
    • Residents, park users and schools want that new centre, perhaps even more than Mrs Bain does.
    • A rear end of the lever is externally accessible to allow manipulation by the user.
    • To operate the card a user would need to press a button on the card's surface and provide a password.
    • Residents and users of the day centre in Browns Road have had lessons on their own computers and set up the web pages.
    • The boxes also makes it harder for people to overlook cash machine users and makes it easier to shield pin numbers.
    • We have carried out a lot of focus groups with bus users and car users.
    • Most of all, Templeton said, computer users needed to be aware of the perils.
    • Police today warned cash machine users to be alert after two men were spotted tampering with a dispenser.
    • And presumably it's only going to have a major effect on long-term users of the drug.
    • Road users and residents say they are fed up with the constant gridlock and traffic mayhem.
    • The user dials a telephone number from their mobile, and using caller ID, the system works out who is calling.
    • In the late eighties, most personal computer users had a dot matrix impact printer.
    • The future of the rural economy and the wishes of the users of the record office have both been ignored.