Translation of usual in Spanish:


acostumbrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈjuːʒʊəl//ˈjuʒ(u)əl/


  • 1

    (comment/method/response) acostumbrado
    (method/response/comment) habitual
    (method/comment/response) usual
    (route/time/place) de siempre
    (time/place/route) de costumbre
    (appearance/clothes) de costumbre
    she wasn't her usual self no era la de siempre
    • we've had more snow than usual this winter este invierno ha nevado más que de costumbre / más de lo normal
    • as usual como de costumbre
    • everybody was grumbling about the weather — as usual! todos se quejaban del mal tiempo — ¡para variar!
    • as is usual at these events como suele ocurrir / pasar en estas ocasiones
    • it is usual for candidates to apply in writing lo normal / habitual es que los candidatos hagan su solicitud por escrito
    • the usual thing lo de siempre
    • the usual thing is for everybody to take part lo normal es que todos participen
    • The closure is accompanied by the usual claptrap about improving customer service.
    • The school also taught French but, as was usual at this time, not much science.
    • The usual terms and conditions apply.
    • Over the next two weeks I went back to my usual routine of going to work and marking homework when I got home.
    • As a result, when a brand promotes it should generate more sales than usual.
    • Set aside an appointment that is longer than usual, so there is time to deal with a patient's concerns.
    • However, the monsoons were heavier than usual, and prevented the fleet from sailing.
    • Car club members pay a monthly subscription and then hire by the hour for less than usual car hire rates.
    • I follow my usual routine - a healthy breakfast followed by a long soak in the bath.
    • I went to work today and it was a slower than usual day because the patient turnout was low.
    • As usual the forecast was wrong and it rained all day but despite this, we had a very good time.
    • It was a superb meal and up to the restaurant's usual high standard of cuisine, service and atmosphere.
    • We had a bit of a chat and as usual Eric had me laughing like a drain with his dry observations on life.
    • As usual Megan began eating her food quickly whereas I just played with it and only ate a little bit.
    • It's usual practice for companies to inform customers when they are disconnecting them.
    • I told Megan that it was just a cold, but as usual she got worried and told me to visit the doctor.
    • A council spokesman said it was usual practice for such matters to be decided in closed meetings.
    • It was a nice break from the usual routine and it gave me time to think and I feel so much better for it.
    • As usual I want to find out about a subject, but am short on the time and energy to do the searching myself.
    • This has resulted in more visitors than usual deciding to head North for their holiday.



  • 1

    (customary thing)
    to do/say the usual hacer/decir lo de siempre
  • 2

    (drink, order)
    my / the usual, please lo de siempre, por favor