Translation of utility in Spanish:


utilidad, n.

Pronunciation /juˈtɪlədi//juːˈtɪlɪti/


  • 1formal

    utilidad feminine
    before noun utility furniture mobiliario funcional / práctico masculine
    • But that's a small price to pay for ease and utility.
    • This last appendix is useful, however its utility could have been improved by including a World Wide Web address for each of these companies.
    • There are two articles currently doing the rounds that both talk about the value and utility of being part of the networked world, and what it means to participate within it.
    • This is a small thing, but as the utility of the whole product could have been improved immeasurably at absolutely no cost, it's nevertheless an annoying thing
    • Here are a few lists I whipped up quickly to illustrate the utility of the new service.
    • These questions tend to result in an assessment of the utility of particular types of campaigns in challenging capitalism.
    • Although such increases in validity appear to be small, the practical utility may be large when one takes into account the costs associated with unsuccessful job performance.
    • I'm sure there's some utility in emergency services practicing working together, but this seems far too choreographed to root out real bugs in the response system.
    • A tool is subordinated to its user, and its value lies in its practical utility.
    • First, Foundation Hospitals were watered down to the point of having almost no practical utility; any importance attached to the vote was, as I pointed out below, entirely symbolic.
    • A number of clinicians have demonstrated the utility of this approach.
    • She has certainly convinced the reviewers of the value of exercise for all persons and particularly of its efficacy and utility for clinical populations.
    • The world doesn't owe anybody a living, and trade unions will either survive or they will decline according to their utility to the society and the market.
    • Clearly, more studies assessing the relative utility of specific airway interventions and their impact on morbidity and mortality are needed.
    • I also think the development of formulas and schematics to demonstrate the utility of their approach was well done.
    • The mobilisation of the Dartmouth Cadets came with a shock of rather horrified surprise to a certain section of the public, who could not imagine that boys so young could be of any practical utility in the grim business of War.
    • Medical alternatives such as sedatives or nicotine replacement therapy are also of questionable utility for at-risk populations.
    • On the other hand, numerous illustrations are new and of excellent quality, adding great value and utility to the final product.
    • We recommend that projects consider the value and utility of these products and implement them where appropriate.
    • This decade ushered in the rise of multiple-use worship rooms, the new credo of congregations seeking maximum utility from their buildings.
  • 2public service utility

    empresa de servicio público feminine